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Thereís a new snake in town, and it looks and sounds awesome! Itís Viper Audio, the fearsome new line of amps, speakers and subs from Directed Electronics, and it has been recognized with two Innovations Awards at CES 2002!

Innovations Winner Number One:

Directedís huge 23 inch long, 17 pound class D powerhouse, the Viper Audio d2500.1! The d2500.1 mono-block amplifier is one of very few legitimate 2500 watt car amplifiers on the market today. Its high conversion efficiency allows it to deliver more real-world power in an automotive electrical environment that rarely offers an adequate power supply.

The d2500.1 features a unique and exciting mechanical design with an acrylic window which features the illuminated Viper snake head logo over the control panel area on the top of the amplifier. Removing the elliptical housing and window exposes the controls, allowing simple adjustments to be made after the amplifier has been mounted. MSRP of the new Viper Audio d2500.1 is $1500.

Innovations Winner Number Two:

Directedís powerful new 6.5 inch neodymium motor component speakers, the Viper Audio 650.2! Directed Electronics has been a leader in bringing the high-performance attributes of neodymium speaker design to market at competitive price points, and the Viper 650.2 2-way neodymium component speaker system is Directed Electronicsí latest innovation in high-performance neodymium speakers.

State of the art materials include pressed fiberglass cones, which yield the same rigidity as a polypropylene cone of approximately twice the weight. The titanium tweeter domes are very light and rigid, and the nitryl rolled edge provides perfect damping of the dome to prevent distortion. The bottom line is, the Viper Audio 650.2 2-way neodymium component speaker system sets a new design and performance standard for automotive speakers, through the use of innovative high-tech materials and cutting-edge engineering tools! MSRP is $440.

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