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Learn About the DEI Valet/Program Switch
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8631 Current Valet/Program Switch
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Older DEI Valet/Program Switches
(The red one was used for the Car Jacking feature)

DEI 8631 Valet/Programming Push Button is a pre-wired normally open. This push button switch is used for the Valet and Programming functions of most DEI brand alarms, Remote Starters & Keyless Entry Systems that have plug-in switches in the main brains Blue 2 Pin Port . It should be included with all current and previous DEI brand systems, if not, then order the 8631 for future programming of remotes, feature settings, putting the system in valet hold mode or for temporally stopping the alarm system until it's repaired.

DEI brand alarm, remote starters & keyless entry systems require the use of this valet/programming button to Program new remotes (Usually up to 4 remotes into the System's CPU memory). In general, you Program a new
remote using this button and with your ignition key in the run position.

Older DEI systems (manufactured before 1994) that use the DEI 465T and DEI 493T replacement remotes (Scratch coding) and the Wasp 718W & Hornet 719T Alarm System (Programmed by removing and re-applying the main power wire) Did not require the Valet/Programming Push Button.

In 1996-97, some DEI systems required removing a top sliding access door on top of the main brains CPU and flipping the number 4 dipswitch to the on position while pressing any replacement remote button and then flipping the number 4 dipswitch back to the off position.

All DEI Systems that use a valet/programming button were originally supplied with at 8631 momentary button with the system and it should have been included as part of the original installation. However, some installers did not include it when they originally installed the DEI System in the vehicle. Therefore it is recommended that you check to be sure that you have a Valet/Programming Button installed in your vehicle when you order a Replacement remote as
you will need it to program your new remote and all other functions.

This button is used as the "Valet Button" or the "Bypass Button" or the "Button you press" to shut off your alarm with the ignition key. It is usually mounted somewhere under the dash on the driver's side, maybe on the underside dash panel, or on the driver's kick panel by your left foot, or by the parking release pedal, or by the hood release, or sometimes it is wire tied to some factory wires under the dash. It's located wherever the installer decided to put it. There is no specific location for placement because it depends on the particular vehicle where it can be mounted. Just look around for it.

If you can't find it, then you can determine if it is installed by finding the system's CPU and checking to see if there is a Blue Plug with gray & black wires plugged into the
Blue 2 Pin Port Socket on the CPU. If there is one plugged in, then you can then follow the gray & black wires to the Valet / Program Button in your vehicle. If the Blue 2 Pin Port socket on the CPU is empty, then you need the 8631 Valet/Programming Button along with your Replacement Remote so you will be able to program it into the CPU main brain memory.

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