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Retails for $440.00
$399.95 Each

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Replacement Part Number: 650.2

Product Details Stock #: 650.2

Viper 650.2 6.5" 2 Way Component Speakers

Directed takes the award-winning performance of neodymium-powered component speakers to a whole new level with the introduction of the 550.2 and 650.2 systems. Building on our industry leader position in ultra-powerful, compact neodymium sound quality speakers, these sweet new components add more metal to the mix, with die-cast aluminum baskets and finned motor covers, as well as titanium domes to compliment the cutting-edge pressed fiberglass woofer cones. Cone and dome shapes have been perfected using the Fine Cone™ finite element analysis system, and the LEAP-optimized crossovers are superbly accurate and infinitely flexible, with 4-way tweeter level adjustment and biamp/biwire capability. All these high-tech elements combine to create two speaker systems with exceptionally flat, smooth response, able to be perfectly tailored to any vehicle interior or system design as desired. Viper Audio’s new neodymium components are designed to go head to head with the finest car audio components made, regardless of price…audition a pair today, and let your ears confirm it: Directed IS the Clear Difference.


  • Vapor-laminated titanium diaphragm for extended high-frequency response and transient response and control of damped resonances found in most titanium tweeters

  • Copper-clad aluminum voice coil to reduce mass and increase high frequency response

  • Synthetic rubber nitrile edge roll reduces distortion

  • “Synthetic Ester APG-L Ferrofluid”™ for better damping properties for tweeters and less evaporation at high levels

  • “Fine Cone”™ FEA-optimized dome shape for smooth frequency response


  • Pressed-fiberglass cone for stiffness and low mass offers the same stiffness of poly-propylene or woven fiberglass cones with half the mass

  • “Fine Cone”™ FEA-optimized cone shape for ideal upper midrange response

  • Copper-clad aluminum voice coil for low mass and higher efficiency

  • 4-layer inductance-optimized voice coil, designed to act as part of the crossover to achieve a third order response using only one series inductor

  • Achieves better high frequency response, less distortion and better off-axis response

  • Proprietary die-cast aluminum basket

  • High-grade neodymium motor structure with symmetrically-inverted bucking structure to give higher magnet strength and lower distortion


  • LEAP-optimized third order high-pass, first order low-pass design to achieve symmetrical third order Butterworth acoustic response

  • Mylar capacitors in all series pass positions

  • Parallel-stacked capacitors for low ESR

  • Zobel-stabilized woofer impedance

  • Conjugate stabilized tweeter impedance

  • DC and current-limit tweeter protection

  • Four position tweeter level adjustment

  • Standard stereo and bi-wire inputs with input parallel switch

  • Glass epoxy PCB for better system power handling

  • Unique, Viper amplifier-styled crossover housing with removable trim panel for easy switch access

Size:  6.75"
Magnet:  49 gram, neo
Power handling:  125 watts RMS/175 peak
Impedance:  4 ohm
Freq. Resp.:  58Hz - 25kHz
Efficiency:  89 dB 1W/1M
Tweeter Description:  25mm titanium dome
Crossovers:  3rd order Butterworth
Depth:  3-1/4"

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