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GPS Tracking Systems Now Available From Viper
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Reporter Erica Hill interviews Directed's Michael Malinowski

Vista, Calif. (5-12-03) - Directed Electronics, Inc., the world's largest aftermarket vehicle security and remote start company, as well as a major car audio and mobile video supplier with established brands including Orion and Precision Power, is now shipping its new GPS tracking systems to authorized Directed Dealers.

"These systems are a natural extension of our core security and remote start brands," said Michael Malinowski, Product Category Manager for GPS. "They can be sold as stand alone tracking and wireless remote control systems, or they can connect to the latest Directed security and remote start systems via plug-in serial interface, for seamless 2-way command and control of certain vehicle functions via web or telephone from anywhere in the world."

Every Directed GPS Tracking System comes with a minimum of a full year of stolen vehicle tracking capability in the box, with no additional charge and no activation fees. However, for consumers who want to take advantage of the full capabilities of the system, including anytime vehicle tracking via computer or phone, parental overspeed notifications, and roadside assistance (6 assists per year, with towing up to 50 miles per assist), there are low cost / high value annual service plans available.

Unlike some competitors that only work in local regions, GPS Tracking Systems from Viper, Clifford, Python and Automate feature the largest cellular coverage area in North America, for the optimum in stolen vehicle tracking capability. Plus, Directed GPS Tracking Systems offer a free monthly status check via e-mail that confirms the system is working, as well as acknowledgments of all commands sent.

The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of the system starts at $799 (including one year of stolen vehicle tracking), and additional upgraded service packages start at just $89 per year (less than $7.50 per month). Consumers can use the zip code-based retailer locators at www.directed.com to find a local dealer.

Pre-order the Viper 200 GPS Here