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Click Here for Larger Image

Viper 200 GPS Satellite
Tracking System

Retails for $799.00


This model has been
upgraded to the

Replacement Part Number: 200GPS

Product Details Stock #: V200GPS

Viper 200 GPS Satellite Tracking System

A GPS/Cellular tracking device is installed in your vehicle
*GPS data is updated via satellite.
*Signals to and from the vehicle go through the nearest
  cellular tower
*All transmissions go through a state of the art Network
  Operations Control Center for processing.
*Be assured that you can reach emergency service through
  our call center 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking:
Stolen vehicle tracking is included with every Viper GPS Tracking System for one full year, with absolutely NO activation fee or additional service fees required. If this is the only functionality you desire, then everything you require comes in the Viper GPS Tracking System box. However, the system can do much more, and UPGRADED SERVICE PACKAGES ARE AVAILABLE.

Any-time Vehicle Tracking:
With Viper GPS Tracking Systemís two Upgraded Service Packages, you can do amazing things! Find your vehicle whenever you want on a computer map, or use GPS Tracking Systemís simple-to-use Voice User Interface to track your vehicle with a phone call! ANYTHING YOU CAN DO ON THE WEB WITH VIPER GPS TRACKING SYSTEM YOU CAN ALSO DO OVER THE PHONE.

Remote Control Commands:
Viper GPS Tracking System can work as a stand-alone system, but it is also an ideal add-on to any Viper ESP2 security* or remote start* system. Whatever you can do with your remote transmitter or 2-Way Viper Responder from a quarter-mile away, you can now also do by telephone or Internet-connected computer FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD

  • Arm and Disarm your Security System*

  • Lock or Unlock your Doors*

  • Start your engine with Remote Start*

  • Activate optional conveniences like Trunk Pop*
    or Remote Control Windows*

* Viper ESP2 security and remote start systems sold separately; additional parts or labor may be required.

Parental Controls:
Viper GPS Tracking System has features to protect your vehicle and your family including easy-to-use overspeed notifications.

Viper GPS Comparison Chart Viper GPS OnStar LoJack 1
Real-time vehicle location with street address  
Roadside assistance 1  
Nationwide coverage 2  
Tracking via web and phone (no agent required)    
Continuous tracking on the web, which shows history of a vehicle track over time    
Remote start and door unlock via web and phone (no agent required) 3    
Overspeed notifications to any phone or e-mail address    
Alarm notifications to any phone or e-mail address 3    
Confirmation of all commands    
GPS device links directly to Directed award-winning ESP2 alarms    
Available to consumers in retail stores    
Free monthly status e-mail check with every plan    
Remote Vehicle Shutdown    

1 = Available on upgraded Safety & Security and Ultra packages
2 = Based on cellular coverage
3 = Directed ESP2 system required

Due to continuing product development, specifications subject to change without notice.


Stolen Vehicle Tracking Service for 1 full year is included with every tracking device

  • Professional Stolen Vehicle Recovery: Some GPS tracking competitors make you do the stressful work of coordinating with police to recover a stolen vehicle - not Viper GPS Tracking Systems.

  • Nationwide Stolen Vehicle Tracking, not Regional. Donít be fooled! Some tracking devices do not use GPS, so they work only in LIMITED markets.

  • Stolen Vehicle Shutdown: A unique feature that allows the authorities to recover a vehicle safer and faster! Not available from well-known systems sold by automotive manufacturers.

Free for the first year.
After first year, $49 per year
 (less than $4.10 per month).

Safety and Security Service Plan
Includes all the features of Plan 1 Stolen Vehicle Tracking plus:

  • Locate or track your vehicle on the web with full-color maps: On demand or at a specific date and time using a scheduling tool.

  • Unlock your doors.

  • Roadside Assistance: Towing, tire change, out of gas; up to 6 events per year and 50 miles per tow.

  • Intelligent notifications of alerts via telephone voice, e-mail, and pager (home, office, cell).

  • Parental Notifications: Turn on Overspeed limits and receive notification if speed limit is broken.

  • 30 uses per year.

$89 per year (less than $7.50 per month).

Ultra Service Plan
Includes all the features of Plans 1 and 2 plus abundant communications transactions for active users:
  • 150 uses per year.
Additional terms apply. See your Subscriber Agreement for details.

$119 per year (less than $9.95 per month).

Nationwide Tracking Network
Viper GPS Tracking System offers the largest coverage area available in North America.*
*Services may be limited in some areas.

Click Here for a Larger Image and See the Demo

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GPS System Here

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Notice: All Viper GPS
tracking systems require
professional installation
for warranty and service! Dr.Detail offers onsite
professional installation
for Viper alarms and all
other products in the
greater Cincinnati area.
Please Call for appointment.

*Price includes basic installation and may
  require additional parts
and labor!

Please Call: 513-574-7879 Or Toll Free: 1-855-574-7879
E-Mail Us At: Dr.Detail   /  Or Ask A Question Here
Open Monday-Saturday 10:00 Am till 6:00 Pm EST

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