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Retails for $900.00

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Replacement Part Number:  1100.5

Product Details Stock #: 1100.5

Viper 1100.5 Class A/B 5 CH. Stereo Amplifier

Who says five channel amps arenít powerful enough? With 500 watts of 4 channel class AB amplifier combined with a whopping 600 watt, 1 ohm stable class D subwoofer channel, the hybrid design 1100.5 is stronger than most two amp systems. Its on-board crossovers and filters give you perfect control over any system, and if for some reason 600 watts just isnít enough, you can add a d600.1 for an extreme 1200 total sub watts, using Directedís proprietary master/slave feature for bridged or synced gain operation Ė the 1100.5 does it all!

  • High-speed MOSFET switching power supplies and complimentary bipolar outputs (sub channel of model 1100.5 uses MOSFET outputs)

  • All models over 300 watts feature dual power supplies for rock-solid power delivery under extreme conditions (400.2, 500.4, 1100.5, 550.6)

  • Thermal, DC offset, reverse polarity and short circuit protection (1100.5 also features over/under voltage protection with status LED)

  • Top-mounted controls easily accessed for system tuning (exc. model 150.2)

  • All models feature built-in high performance, variable 12 dB/octave 2-way active crossovers (model 1100.5 sub channel features 24 dB/octave low-pass crossover)

  • Variable 0-12 dB bass EQ function (models 150.2, 200.4, 500.4 have 8 dB switchable bass EQ)

  • Remote subwoofer level control (model 1100.5, option on model 550.6)

  • 5- and 6-channel models feature 6 channel input for full access to source or processor output functions

  • Expandable architecture features include buffered stereo full-range RCA output jacks (all models) and external bridging with an added model d600.1 class D mono amp (1100.5 only)

  • Variable built-in 2-way crossover for RCA outputs supports any system design (model 550.6 only)

  • Gold-plated power and speaker terminals and plugs and RCA connectors ensure maximum signal transfer

  • Rugged one-piece extruded heat sink finished with injection-molded mounting feet

Click Here for Larger Image
Dynamic Power Rating:  1300 watts
S/N:  > 95 dB (ch1-4)
S/N:  > 80 dB (sub)
Freq. Range:  20-20kHz (ch1-4)
Freq. Range:  20-250Hz (sub)
Damping Factor:  > 100 (ch1-4)
Damping Factor:  > 50 (sub)
Input Sens.:  150mV to 8V
Rated Power @ 4 ohm:  75 x 4 (ch1-4)
Rated Power @ 4 ohm:  275 x 1
Rated Power @ 2 ohm:  125 x 4 (ch1-4)
Rated Power @ 2 ohm:  400 x 1 (sub)
Rated Power @ 1 ohm:  N/A (ch1-4)
Rated Power @ 1 ohm:  600 x 1 (sub)
Crossover:  var. 12dB 2-way (ch1-4)
Crossover:  var. 24dB low-pass (sub)
Bass EQ:  No (ch1-4)
Bass EQ:  Yes (sub)
RCA Output:  Stereo (ch1-4)
RCA Output:  Mono (sub)
Protection:  T,S,D,R (ch1-4)
Protection:  T,S,D,R,O,L (sub)

T=thermal, S=short circuit, D=DC offset, R=reverse polarity, O=over/under voltage, L=status LED

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