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Every year in the U.S., more than 1.1 million vehicles are stolen. It's easy to become a statistic: just let down your guard for a moment. How many cars were stolen in your town in 1999? Check out this list, courtesy of the FBI's Preliminary Annual Uniform Crime Report:

Country Crime# Country Crime#
Abilene, TX 255 Lowell, MA 723
Akron, OH 769 Lubbock, TX 696
Albany, NY 428 Macon, GA 1,638
Albuquerque, NM 4,693 Madison, WI 602
Alexandria, VA 702 Manchester, NH 434
Allentown, PA 563 McAllen, TX 906
Amarillo, TX 703 Memphis, TN 7,670
Amherst Town, NY 140 Mesa, AZ 2,851
Anaheim, CA 1,373 Mesquite, TX 610
Anchorage, AK 1,251 Miami, FL 5,723
Ann Arbor, MI 206 Midland, TX 166
Arlington, TX 1,720 Milwaukee, WI 7,414
Arvada, CO 224 Minneapolis, MN 3,866
Atlanta, GA 7,328 Mobile, AL 1,225
Aurora, CO 1,951 Modesto, CA 1,269
Aurora, IL 416 Montgomery, AL 1,400
Austin, TX 2,792 Moreno Valley, CA 572
Bakersfield, CA 1,162 Naperville, IL 124
Baton Rouge, LA 2,334 Nashville, TN 4,989
Beaumont, TX 805 Newark, NJ 5,267
Bellevue, WA 440 New Haven, CT 1,368
Berkeley, CA 845 New Orleans, LA 7,118
Birmingham, AL 1,977 Newport News, VA 1,102
Boise, ID 328 New York, NY 39,693
Boston, MA 6,764 Norwalk, CA 764
Bridgeport, CT 1,875 Oakland, CA 4,788
Brownsville, TX 351 Oceanside, CA 494
Buffalo, NY 2,990 Odessa, TX 190
Burbank, CA 548 Oklahoma City, OK 3,630
Cambridge, MA 431 Omaha, NE 3,586
Carrollton, TX 317 Ontario, CA 1,330
Cedar Rapids, IA 320 Orange, CA 480
Chandler, AZ 894 Orlando, FL 2,098
Charlotte, NC 4,848 Oxnard, CA 567
Chattanooga, TN 1,483 Palmdale, CA 475
Chicago, IL 31,524 Pasadena, CA 451
Chula Vista, CA 1,467 Pasadena, TX 701
Cincinnati, OH 1,658 Patterson, NJ 1,342
Clearwater, FL 360 Pembroke Pines, FL 603
Cleveland, OH 7,410 Peoria, IL 985
Colorado Springs, CO 1,103 Philadelphia, PA 17,711
Columbia, SC 740 Phoenix, AZ 17,959
Columbus, GA 1,241 Pittsburgh, PA 3,197
Columbus, OH 6,822 Plano, TX 290
Concord, CA 631 Pomona, CA 1,158
Coral Springs, FL 417 Portland, OR 4,690
Corona, CA 521 Portsmouth, VA 610
Corpus Christi, TX 1,510 Providence, RI 2,277
Costa Mesa, CA 380 Provo, UT 201
Dallas, TX 17,854 Pueblo, CO 303
Daly City, CA 393 Raleigh, NC 1,335
Dayton, OH 2,926 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 420
Denver, CO 4,991 Reno, NV 736
Des Moines, IA 833 Richmond, VA 2,101
Downey, CA 978 Riverside, CA 1,618
Durham, NC 1,654 Rochester, NY 2,047
Elizabeth, NJ 1,983 Rockford, IL 894
El Monte, CA 560 Sacramento, CA 4,460
El Paso, TX 2,307 Salem, OR 637
Erie, PA 246 Salinas, CA 650
Escondido, CA 982 Salt Lake City, UT 1,845
Eugene, OR 652 San Antonio, TX 5,595
Evansville, IN 431 San Bernardino, CA 1,795
Flint, MI 1,796 San Diego, CA 9,491
Fontana, CA 779 Sandy, UT 178
Fort Collins, CO 222 San Francisco, CA 5,977
Fort Lauderdale, FL 1,789 San Jose, CA 2,860
Fort Wayne, IN 1,324 Santa Ana, CA 2,287
Fort Worth, TX 3,899 Santa Clara, CA 289
Fremont, CA 569 Santa Clarita, CA 242
Fresno, CA 4,643 Santa Rosa, CA 328
Fullerton, CA 445 Savannah, GA 1,216
Garden Grove, CA 991 Scottsdale, AZ 1,057
Garland, TX 830 Seattle, WA 8,640
Gary, IN 1,361 Shreveport, LA 1,042
Glendale, AZ 2,286 Simi Valley, CA 161
Glendale, CA 743 Sioux Falls, SD 220
Grand Prairie, TX 1,059 South Bend, IN 718
Green Bay, WI 196 Spokane, WA 968
Greensboro, NC 1,339 Springfield, IL 373
Hampton, VA 462 Springfield, MA 1,449
Hartford, CT 1,404 Springfield, MO 737
Hayward, CA 1,134 Stamford, CT 359
Henderson, NV 778 Sterling Heights, MI 282
Hialeah, FL 2,798 St. Louis, MO 6,645
Hollywood, FL 1,295 Stockton, CA 2,140
Honolulu, HI 3,997 St. Paul, MN 1,900
Houston, TX 19,445 St. Petersburg, FL 2,066
Huntington Beach, CA 490 Sunnyvale, CA 207
Huntsville, AL 1,135 Syracuse, NY 750
Independence, MO 742 Tacoma, WA 2,668
Indianapolis, IN 5,434 Tallahassee, FL 923
Inglewood, CA 925 Tampa, FL 5,740
Irvine, CA 301 Tempe, AZ 1,988
Irving, TX 1,041 Thousand Oaks, CA 129
Jackson, MS 3,475 Toledo, OH 2,778
Jacksonville, FL 4,877 Topeka, KS 701
Jersey City, NJ 2,362 Torrance, CA 747
Kansas City, MO 6,750 Tucson, AZ 4,839
Knoxville, TN 1,360 Tulsa, OK 3,228
Lafayette, LA 629 Vallejo, CA 779
Lancaster, CA 391 Ventura, CA 211
Lansing, MI 437 Virginia Beach, VA 718
Laredo, TX 1,116 Waco, TX 1,022
Las Vegas, NV 9,772 Washington, DC 6,526
Lexington, KY 924 Waterbury, CT 661
Lincoln, NE 513 West Covina, CA 690
Little Rock, AR 1,173 West Valley, UT 678
Livonia, MI 308 Wichita, KS 1,672
Long Beach, CA 3,361 Wichita Falls, TX 465
Los Angeles, CA 24,677 Winston-Salem, NC 1,137
Louisville, KY 2,000 Worcester, MA 1,163
Yonkers, NY 1,274

Worst insurance theft losses are for Mercedes model; two of three with worst theft losses are Acura models

ARLINGTON, VA - June 14, 2000

The Mercedes S class, a very large luxury car, heads the list of passenger vehicles with the highest insurance losses for theft. Overall losses for this car are 10 times higher than the average for all passenger cars. This is the first time in five years that a utility vehicle hasn't topped the list of vehicles with the worst theft losses, which are published annually by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI).

"The Mercedes S class has appeared on the 10 worst list for 5 years. It's obviously an attractive target for professional thieves because of its value," says Kim Hazelbaker, HLDI senior vice president.

The two-door Acura Integra has the second worst result, with losses also 10 times higher than the average among 1997-99 passenger vehicles. These high overall losses are produced by different factors, Hazelbaker explains. The Mercedes has extremely high average loss payments per claim, while the Acura's claim frequency is very high. The four-door Integra has the third highest overall theft loss result. Now Honda, which manufactures Acura's, has equipped all Integra's for the 2000 model year with passive immobilizing antitheft devices.

During the 1980-99 model years, theft claim frequencies have declined significantly, but this trend has been mostly offset by increasing theft losses per claim. In 1999, the last year for which information is available, the average theft loss payment per claim also declined.





PALOS HILLS, IL - Nearly 40 percent of all vehicle thefts occur in or near ports and border communities - with close to 19 percent stolen in the greater Los Angeles area, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).
The NICB analysis reported that close to 450,000 cars and trucks were stolen countrywide in metropolitan areas with ports or close to international borders in 1998.
Each year more than 200,000 vehicles are exported illegally from the United States. Many of these were stolen in port and border communities, according to NICB.
"More and more vehicles are being targeted for export by thieves who sneak them out through ports and across borders," said Robert Bryant, president and chief executive officer of NICB, the insurance industry's theft and fraud fighting organization.
"People who live in these areas should take special care to protect their cars and trucks from thieves." The Los Angeles area was by far the prime target with more than 65,000 thefts. The top ten areas with port facilities or near international borders that recorded the greatest number of vehicle thefts were:

  1. Los Angeles (65,243 vehicles stolen)
  2. New York (46,709)
  3. Philadelphia (30,355)
  4. Phoenix (29,868)
  5. Houston (28,263)
  6. Miami (20,977)
  7. Riverside/San Bernardino (19,821)
  8. San Diego (18,685)
  9. Seattle (18,304)
  10. Oakland (17,293) (Metropolitan Areas)

"Law enforcement agencies have helped bring auto theft down about 5 percent nationally," said Bryant. "They've done a terrific job." But the first line of defense against vehicle theft is the owner, he said. NICB recommends a layered approach to protecting vehicles. There are four layers of protection to consider: common sense - removing the keys and locking the doors; visible and audible devices - steering wheel locks or alarms; immobilizing devices - smart keys or kill switches; and tracking devices. "The number of layers a vehicle needs depends on the vehicle and the geographic location," said Bryant. "Budget and personal preference should also determine which anti theft device to choose." The National Insurance Crime Bureau is a nonprofit organization supported by approximately 1,000 insurance and self-insured companies dedicated to fighting insurance-related crime. Footnote: Figures are based on MSAs as reported to the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

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