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Click Here for Larger Image

SX12D4 Dual Voice Coil
12" Subwoofer

Retails for $279.00

$199.95 Each

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Orion Cobalt Series

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Replacement Part Number: SX12D4

Product Details Stock #: SX12D4

Model SX12D4 Dual Voice Coil 12" Subwoofer

All that industrial strength Directed Audio amplifier power would only be half as cool if it didn't come with a smoking hot new line of subs, and the new Directed SX series is the official choice for newest "bad boy on the block" for 2005. Three new models that handle 1200 watts and offer close to 2" of usable cone travel. You know, the kind of bass performance that makes people stop and walk over to check out what all the drama is. And, when they get there, they'll see that these bad boys look as good as they sound with frosted silver one-piece cones, back end styling that is way too sensational to hide in a box, and a clever reversible trim ring that lets you mount them facing whichever direction suits your tastes. Available in 10", 12", and 15" dual 4 ohm models.

SX Subwoofer Specifications:

*600 watts continuous, 1200 watts peak
  power handling

*16mm Xmax (one-way linear excursion) *Optimized for small sealed enclosures *Reversible trim ring allows driver to be
  mounted facing either way with style
*Proprietary die-cast aluminum baskets for
  rock solid assembly

*Vented spider landing provides forced-air
  cooling for the 2.5" voice coil assembly

*Wide nitrile butyl rubber surrounds allow
  more excursion at low frequency
*One-piece frosted ultra-rigid polypropylene
*Custom rubber magnet cover protects motor

*Nickel-plated spring-loaded speaker

Click Here for Complete Specs
Model SX12D4
Size 12"
Magnet 109 oz.
Power Handling 600 watts RMS
Power Peak 1200 Peak
Impedance Dual 4 Ohm V.C.
Freq. Resp. 25Hz - 2500Hz
Efficiency 84dB (1W/1M)
Fs/Hz 32
Re 7.8
Qts 0.62
Vas/liter/ft3 32.07/1.13
Xmax 16mm
Depth 7 3/8"

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