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Smoke/Bacterial/Mold Removal System

Dr.Detail Introduces a new Professional way
to remove Smoke, Mildew, Pet Smells, Dust and
Pollen from your Vehicle with our new, State-Of-
The-Art, High Performance Ozone/Bacterial Machine.

This new Process Eliminates all these Smells Once
and for all, Leaving you with a Fresh Smelling Car!

Have you ever bought a used car with that Nasty
Smoke odor or Mildew Smell that you Couldn't Stand?
Let us Professionally treat your Vehicle for that new Car Smell!

This process takes an average of two days to
complete with no side effects or unusual smells
and is totally safe to the interior fabrics!

This service normally only runs $99.95 and it is recommended
to have the vehicle's interior cleaned after the process.

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