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DEI Remote Replacement Quick-Find
Please Note: A Working or Non-working DEI Remote Transmitter is required for below!
If you Do Not have an existing DEI Remote, then fill out this form Here the best you can.

RPN Number: FCC ID Number: Circuit Board Number:
Most newer DEI remotes have a
RPN (Replacement Part Number)
located on the back of the remote

(See some examples Here)
If unable to read the FCC ID #
on the back of the remote, then
try the next section to the right

(See some examples Here)
Located inside the remote is a
number printed on the front top,
side or bottom of the circuit board

(See some examples Here)

 Legend: (2BTN) = 2 Button, (3BTN) = 3 Button, (3/4BTN) = 3 or 4 Button, (4BTN) = 4 Button, (5 BTN) = 5 Button

Directions: Grab any working or non-working DEI Remote and read all the numbers and/or letters on
 the back of your existing Remote from top to bottom, then select the correct FCC ID number or try the
RPN (Replacement Part Number) to determine your correct replacement Remote. If the back of your Remote
is un-readable or worn, take the Remote apart (Usually requires removing a small Phillips screw) and try
 reading the Circuit Board Number located on the front top left, side or bottom. After selecting a choice, this
program will automatically re-direct you to the proper replacement Remote. If unsure, try this form Here

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