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     MAIN : ALARM ACCESSORIES : REMOTES : DEI Remote Replacement Guide

DEI Remote Replacement Guide
Just Answer the Following Questions for a DEI Replacement Remote

Need a DEI Remote Replacement Now? Try our all New Remote Quick-Find
Notice: This Guide is for DEI Replacement Remotes Only!

Do you have any Working or Non-working Remotes Now?

Yes: Then try our Remote Quick-Find or continue on with the rest of the questions below:
No:  Email us for further instructions or fill out this form the best you can (Recommended)!

Did you have a 1,  2,  3,  4 or 5 Button or a 2 Way LCD/LED Pager Remote?

1 Button Remote  2 Button Remote  3 Button Remote  4 Button Remote
5 Button Remote  2 Way LCD Remote  2 Way LED Remote  Not Sure

Did the Remote Flash Green, Red, Blue, Orange or has a LCD/Flashing LED Screen?

It Flashed Green  It Flashed Red  It Flashed Blue  It Flashed Orange
It has a LCD Screen  It has a Flashing LED Screen  Not Sure

Did it have Gray Buttons, Black Buttons or Icon Buttons?

Black Buttons  Gray Buttons  Icon Buttons  Not Sure

Does your existing Remote have the following Words on the Back of the Case?

Most DEI Remotes have a RPN (Replacement Part Number) on back of Case.

(Some Examples would be RPN 471, RPN 476, RPN 478V/P/C)

Do you know what Type of Alarm/Remote Start or Keyless Entry you have?

(Some Examples would be Viper, Hornet, Your Valet, Python)

Do you know the Model number Alarm/Remote Start or Keyless Entry you have?
(Some Examples would be 300HF, 550ESP, 710T, 791XV)

Please find the FCC ID# on the Back Case of your Old Remote (If applicable).

(Usually starts with FCC ID EZSDEI, H5LAL777A)
Is there a White Sticker on the inside of your existing Remote or on outside of
the Main Alarm/Remote Start or Keyless Entry Brain (Units older than 7 years)?
Please enter all the numbers and/or letters below (If applicable).

(Some Examples would be 322431A or 209AD. This is your Code!)
Look for Numbers and Letters on the inside of your existing Remote towards
the Top Left, Side or Bottom Front of the Actual Remote Circuit Board.
Please enter all the Numbers and/or Letters below (If applicable).

(Some Examples would be 777M, DT6B, DT4B, RTA4, 726G)
Look for a White Sticker off the Main Alarm Brain that has, for example, OK/9G.
Or look for a Molded-in Dial that has a Pointer Pointing to Numbers or Letters.
Helpful if you have a DEI Alarm, Remote Start or a Keyless Entry with no Remotes.

(An Example would be OK/9G)

Your Name: 


Describe the back of your Remote

* Indicates Required Fields

Your Email: 


System #:

Model #:

FCC #:

We'll send you an E-mail Describing the Type of Remote Replacement that you'll need
(Please check your E-mail often for a Replacement Remote Direct Link and Price!)

Please Call: 513-574-7879 Or Toll Free: 1-855-574-7879
E-Mail Us At: Dr.Detail   /  Or Ask A Question Here
Open Monday-Saturday 10:00 Am till 6:00 Pm EST
Copyright 2001-2014 [Dr.Detail]. All rights reserved.

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