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01-02-13  New Mercedes Benz OEM Remote Car Starters
12-30-12  Viper Alarm and Remote Starters New Line up for 2013
05-01-12  Updated Avital Line for 2012
03-15-12  Viper 5904 HD SST Alarm Updated
03-01-12  Complete SmartStart GPS Lineup
02-01-12  Xpresskit Transponder Databus Kits
01-01-12  Python Redesigned Black Remotes
10-01-10  SmartStart 2 for Iphone / Blackberry / Droid
03-01-10  Affordable New Avital Line For 2010
03-01-10  SmartStart for Iphone / Blackberry / Droid
12-01-09  Viper 5901 LC3 SST Alarm W/Start
10-09-09  Viper 5902 HD SST Alarm With Remote Car Starter
08-14-09  Autostart Remote Car Starters New for 2009
08-03-09  Affordable New Avital Line For 2009
08-15-09  Dr.Detail Shop 2.2 in Full Screen and Widescreen
09-26-08  Viper 7901 HD SST Color Alarm With Remote Car Starter
09-25-08  Viper 5901 LC3 SST Alarm With Remote Car Starter
08-21-08  Affordable New Viper Line For 2008 New and Improved!
08-20-08  New Xpresskit/Bypasskit with Canmax, Optimax and Solex Databus Kits
07-03-08  Coming Soon: Dr.Detail Shop 2.0 More Products Designed with a Kiss!
06-10-08  Get Dad what he really wants: Viper Alarm, Remote Starter and a Remote
05-01-08  Just in time for Mothers Day, May 11 Viper 5701 Pink "Special Edition"
02-01-08  New for 2008: Cobalt By Orion Affordable Amps, Subs & Speakers
01-16-08  DEI introduces the Viper 5701 LE 2 way Responder at the 2008 CES
07-12-07  Need a New DEI Antenna? Check out the Complete Line of Antennas
06-12-07  Newly Expanded Clifford Remote Guide for Clifford Systems with Parts
04-12-07  Responder Custom Leather Cases Helps Protect your 2 way Remote!
08-02-06  SST One Mile Range Remotes for Viper 5500, 5900 and 160XVL
12-19-06  Vipers Top-of-the-Line 7900 OLED Alarm W/Remote Start now in Color
02-04-06  ScyTek VG8000 Worlds First 2 way Camera Alarm W/Remote Starter
01-28-06  New for 2006, Updated Hornet 745T 2 Way Alarm Security System!
10-10-05  Updated Transponder override kits now shipping! 556L, 556H & 556C
02-18-05  The new 2006 Viper 1000, 3000 and 5000 alarm systems now in stock
02-18-05  Directed Amps 2005 models now shipping with cool blue LED lighting
01-26-05  New for 2005, Updated Hornet Alarms W/Remote Start & 2 Way!
01-20-05  The CES 2005 brings Exciting New DEI Products including Viper Alarms
07-26-04  New LED 2 Way Remote Viper Line-up makes 2 Way affordable!
07-20-04  The Quick way to find a DEI Replacement Remote: Quick-Find
07-14-03  2-Way Security System w/visual display & vibrating transmitter!
09-08-03  New for 2004, Updated Valet Remote Start & Keyless Entries!
04-15-03  Introducing the New Viper 200 GPS Satellite Tracking System!
01-23-03  Viper Introduces the New Smaller Viper Remotes & Alarms Systems!
12-03-02  New Hornet 554T 2-Way Alarm W/Remote Start New Lower Price!
01-23-03  Dr.Detail Expands to Larger Warehouse with faster Shipping!
01-15-03  Directed Wins 5 Innovations Awards at CES 2003 Show.
01-03-03  2003 GM Full Size Trucks & SUV Databus Interface
11-01-02  Dr.Detail's Forum now Open... Pre-Register your Name Today!
10-08-02  Now accepting applications for on-line Forum Moderators and Techs.
08-19-02  Now taking Pre-installation requests on the Viper 2-Way Remote Start
07-25-02  2-Way Remote Start w/visual display transmitter
04-23-02  Directed introduces the powerful new 2002 line of Directed Amps.
02-08-02  Brand new "Remote Replacement Guide" makes replacement easier.
01-22-02  Viper Car Audio high powered Amps and Speakers now shipping.
01-22-02  Trailblazer, Envoy, etc Databus and Locks Interface Now shipping.
01-22-02  Directed Video Entertainment with Removable Screen Technology...
01-02-02  AVL - Automatic Vehicle Locator System (Available 2002).
12-01-01  Remote Car Starter season is here! Check out the latest TV Ad Here
10-27-01  New, Non-Flashing 2 Volt LED's now comes in Red, Clear and Blue.
10-11-01  Your Valet 552T Remote Starter now includes the HF Plus Antenna.
09-28-01  2-Way Remote Start w/visual display & vibrating transmitter (available *2002).
09-25-01  Viper 550 ESP and 150 ESP now includes the XHF Super Antenna.
09-19-01  Dr.Detail donates profits to the Clear Channel Relief Fund till Oct.
09-11-01  Our Heart goes out to all the Victims and Families in New York.
09-08-01  Dr.Detail introduces a new "Wish List" program as a reminder service
09-07-01  All E-mail to Forms are back up and running this morning.
09-06-01  DEI announces two way LCD Remotes to be released soon!
09-05-01  Dr.Detail changes servers, causing forms non-working till Friday 9-07
09-03-01  Discount, Vehicle Submit, Audio Request, Design your own Alarm, Guest Book forms stop working
08-31-01  Car-Com II coming fourth Quarter

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