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Introducing the Hornet 554T 2-Way Remote Start/Security System. A state-of-the-art
FCC-Legal 2-Way system that leaves the competition in the dust!

  2-Way Remote Start & Security System 2-Way Remote Start & Security System
Smaller is Better!
The Hornet 2-Way doesn't take up much room in your pocket, and the in-vehicle antenna doesn't take up much room in your windshield.

Excellent Range!
The Hornet 2-Way should get similar range to other superheterodyne systems:
over 1,000 feet under optimum conditions.

Cool Blue E-L Backlighting!
Nobody does Electro-luminescence like Hornet. You'll love it in the dark!

Learns Directed transmitters!
The 554T can learn up to 4 transmitters, and it comes with one 2-Way and one regular 4-button remote.

Time/Temp via Remote, including Parking Meter Timer!
Read the time on your 2-Way just like a cell phone, and remotely sense the temperature in your vehicle. Too hot or too cold? Time for remote start!

Easy-to-Read LCD Display Screen:

Hammer and Alarm icons alert you that system has triggered!

Lock icon confirms system is armed.

Door trigger Confirmation. Silent alarm armed.

Autostart feature has started the vehicle, and the doors are locked.

Power saver mode is on, and the system is in valet.

Temperature-controlled remote start mode is activated.

The vehicle page mode is paging the transceiver.

Hood and trunk sensor notification.

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DEI Replacement Remotes work with the following brands: Viper, Hornet, Python, Sidewinder, Boa,
Automate, Your Valet, Equalizer, Pro Guard, Steal Stopper, Merlin, Clifford, Avital and Wasp Alarms.

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