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FCC ID EZSDEI 467 Selection
If the back of your remote has FCC ID EZSDEI 467 you will have
several types of replacement remotes. To determine the correct one, follow
the flow chart below (If un-sure, try our Remote Replacement Guide Here).

Circuit Board Number: Or Try this Chart:
492T (2 Button) 68 Billion 302
Rolling Codes
492T (2 Button)
493C (2 Button)
484T (4 Button)
If there is a White
Sticker that has, for
Example, 332538A
(It may or may not have
an "A" at the end)
493T (2 Button)
493T (2 Button)
 Legend: (2BTN) = 2 Button Remote, (3/4BTN) = 3 or 4 Button Remote, (4BTN) = 4 Button Remote

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