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With vibrant colors and startlingly realistic sound, Directed is opening a brilliant new window on the world! Introducing Directed Video Entertainment, Offering Unique and Attractive Features, Pricing and Quality!

Directed Video Directed Video
Directed Video Directed Video

Directed Video Entertainment offers something that no one else does: Removable Screen Technology (RST)! For the first time, a manufacturer is offering interchangeable screen size flexibility! LCD screens in three sizes quickly snap-into (and out of) the overhead console docking station, allowing consumers a choice of price steps, along with detachable security against theft.

Exchange the screen between different vehicles! Or (coming soon) dock the screen in your kitchen or office docking station!

Directed VideoAnother unique feature is, Directed Video links to Directed Security! Now you can interface your Viper, Python or Sidewinder ESP system, or your new Clifford Matrix system, to Directed Video via serial port, for quick on-screen programming (choose active or passive arming, or chirps vs. light flash only). You can also see your system trigger events right on screen. (“Look mom, the shock sensor went off while we were in the store.”) It’s a cool new feature that only Directed Video can offer!

The complete Directed Video Entertainment line includes:
  • 5” Headrest Monitor
  • 5.6”, 6.8” and 7” Active Color TFT LCD Monitors with Removable Screen Technology (RST)
  • Overhead Console
  • Single-DIN DVD
  • Drawer DVD
  • VCR (with TV Tuner) / (without TV Tuner)
  • Antenna
  • Multi Control Module
  • Video Amplifier
  • FM Modulator
  • Headphone System (IR) / (RF)
  • RF Transmitter
  • Headphones (IR) / (RF)

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