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  HOME : Design your own Alarm System

Design Your Own Alarm System
Just answer the following Questions for a Customized System Quote!

Many new vehicles come from the factory with remote keyless entry as either an optional or standard feature. If you own a vehicle with factory keyless entry and you want to add a DEI security system, you have a choice: you can keep your factory transmitters, or you can upgrade to a new system with long range transmitters. Please choose one:

Upgrade to New Transmitters
Keep my Existing Transmitters

Some consumers are just interested in adding remote keyless entry to their vehicle
instead of a complete security system. Please choose one:

Keyless Entry Only
Remote Car Starter Only
Remote Starter with Keyless System
Full Security with Remote Start System

Would you like to Lock and Un-lock the doors when you Arm and Disarm?

Yes, I would like Keyless Entry with my Alarm and/or Remote Starter
No Thanks

Do you park where you can't hear the alarm siren, either at work or at home?

Yes, I can always hear the Siren
No, I can't always hear the Siren

Are you interested in being able to Start your vehicle remotely?

Yes, I would like Remote Start
No Thanks

Are you interested in being able to open your vehicles trunk remotely?

Yes, I would like Trunk Release
I already have a Push Button Trunk/Hatch Release
No Thanks

Would you like your alarm to be triggered by glass breaking / Impact Senor?

Yes, I would like a Audio Sensor / Impact Senor
No Thanks

When your alarm is triggered, would you like to disable the vehicles starter?

Yes, I would like a Starter Kill
No Thanks

Is your Vehicle a Convertible, does it have a Sunroof or T-tops?

Yes it does
No it does not

Would you like to add a Voice warning system (Compatible with most DEI alarms)?

Yes, I want a Voice Warning System
No, The Standard Siren is fine

Would you be interested in a GPS/Smartphone remote control function? (For instance,
if you lock you keys in your car, you could unlock the doors via Smartphone or track
your vehicle via the internet or your Cell Phone or Tablet)

Yes, I would like Smartphone /GPS/ Smartstart
No Thanks

Are you going to install it Yourself or have it Professionally done?

I'm going to Install it Myself
I'm going to have it Professionally Done

Do you already have an Alarm System or Keyless Entry that needs Upgrading?

Yes, it needs to be Upgraded
No, Upgrading is not Necessary at this Time

Your Name:  *

Special Notes or Comments:


Indicates Required Fields

Your E-mail:  *
Vehicle Year: 
Vehicle Make: 
Vehicle Model: 

We will E-mail you a Custom Quote as soon as Possible!

Please Call: 513-574-7879 Or Toll Free: 1-855-574-7879
E-Mail Us At: Dr.Detail   /  Or Ask A Question Here
Open Monday-Saturday 10:00 Am till 6:00 Pm EST

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