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Retails for $400.00

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Replacement Part Number: 2400

Product Details Stock #: 2400

Directed 2400 Class A/B 2 CH. Stereo Amplifier

All 2, 4, 5 and new 6 channel amps are capable of stereo, mono, or simultaneous stereo/mono operation. All of them offer built-in continuously variable 12dB per octave 2-way active crossovers and flexible line outputs that support virtually any system design.

The 1100d5, 1100 watts of pure flexible power in a 5 channel design featuring not only 600 watts of on-board class D subwoofer power driven by a second power supply, but the ability to strap on a 600d externally for 1200 total sub watts for the ultimate in performance.

High speed MOSFET switching power supplies and complimentary bipolar outputs
(sub channel of model 1100d5 uses MOSFET outputs).
All models over 300 watts feature dual power supplies for rock solid power delivery under extreme conditions (2400, 4500, 1100d5, 6550).
Thermal, DC offset, reverse polarity and short circuit protection (1100d5 also features over/under voltage protection with status LED).
Top-mounted controls easily accessed for system tuning (excluding model 2150).
All models feature built-in high performance, variable 12 dB/octave 2-way active crossovers (model 1100d5 sub channel features 24 dB/octave low-pass crossover).
Switchable 8 dB bass EQ function.
Remote subwoofer level control
(model 1100d5, option for model 6550).
5 and 6 channel models feature 6 channel input for full access to source or processor output functions.
Expandable architecture features include buffered stereo full-range RCA output jacks (all models) and external bridging with an added model 600d class D mono amp (1100d5 only).

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Dynamic Power Rating:  550 watts
S/N:  > 95 dB
Freq. Range:  20-20kHz
Damping Factor:  > 200
Input Sens.:  150mV to 8V
Rated Power @ 4 ohm:  125 x 2
Rated Power @ 2 ohm:  200 x 2
Rated Power @ 1 ohm:  N/A
Crossover:  var. 12dB 2-way
Bass EQ:  Yes 8 dB
RCA Output:  Yes, stereo
Protection:  T,S,D,R

T=thermal, S=short circuit, D=DC offset, R=reverse polarity, O=over/under voltage, L=status LED

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