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CO154S Orion Cobalt
15" Subwoofer

Retails for $159.99

Special: $157.95
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Replacement Part Number: CO154S

Product Details Stock #: CO154S

CO154S Orion Cobalt 15" Subwoofer

Who knew that entry level subwoofers could perform like this... These woofers will absolutely blow your mind. With a bumped back plate, extended pole piece, large magnet, and high roll surround that give an astounding 10.25mm of Xmax.

Product Features:

* Reversible top gasket
* Large copper-wound Kapton voice coil
* Autotension push terminals
* Flat Conex spider with loop stitched tinsel

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See the Exploded Sub View Here


Model CO154S

Thiele/Small Parameters

Fs (free-air resonance, Hz) 25.2
Vas (equivalent compliance, cu. ft.) 7.098
Vas (equivalent compliance, liters) 201.070
Qms (Q, mechanical) 6.08
Qes (Q, electrical) 0.51
Qts (total driver Q) 0.47
Re (DC resistance, ohms) 3.77
Z (nominal impedance, ohms) 4
Le (inductance, mh) 1.61
Efficiency (1W @ 1M, dB) 89.9
Xmax (one way linear excursion, in.) 0.453
Xmax (one way linear excursion, mm) 11.5
Pe (continuous power handling, watts) 250
Peak power handling (music, watts) 600
Mms (total moving mass, grams) 195
Cms (mechanical compliance, mm/N) 0.211994
Bl (motor strength, Tesla-M) 14.82
Sd (effective radiating area, sq. cm.) 819.398
Sd (effective radiating area, sq. in.) 127.055
Frequency range (Hz) 25 - 250Hz
Energy Bandwidth Product (EBP) 49

Driver Physical Dimension

Speaker Displacement (cu ft) 0.116
Speaker Outer Diameter (inches/mm) 15.40/ 391
Mounting hole diameter (inches/mm) 13.82/ 351
Mounting depth (inches/mm) 6.46/ 164
Magnet Weight (Oz) 70
Basket diameter (inches/mm) 15.16/385

Recommended Enclosures

Typical sealed enclosure (cu. ft.) 2

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