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There is no easier way to program the settings on any Bitwriter-compatible Directed system than using this tutorial. Also, setting up common files will expedite the process of repetitive programming.

Programming Features using the Bitwriter

Make sure the alarm is connected to a power source. Next, plug the Bitwriter into the alarm to be programmed and press the POWER button.

When programming a new alarm system, select READ. This will command the Bitwriter to read the current features and begin the change process for the desired features.

The Bitwriter prompts two selections to choose from, READ and FILE. Select READ to have the Bitwriter read the current settings and allow each feature to be changed one at a time. Select FILE to have the Bitwriter ask to select an existing file with previously saved settings and change the features associated with that existing file.

Once the programmable features to be changed are selected, the programmable feature appears with the current setting displayed.
To change the current setting press SELECT. This will scroll through the available selections.

Once the desired setting appears below the feature, press UP or DOWN to select another feature, or press WRITE to write the new selections to the alarm module’s memory.

When the WRITE button is pressed the Bitwriter will display the current transmitter, 1, 2, 3, or 4 this will indicate the transmitter location the programming will affect, if you wish to program the new settings to all transmitters, press the SELECT button until the Bitwriter displays 0 in the current transmitter location, press WRITE and the new settings will affect all transmitters programmed to that alarm system.

If the customer would like to have different features programmed to individual transmitters (up to 4) arm and disarm the alarm system with a specific transmitter and press the READ button, the initial display will indicate the transmitter location number. Set the desired features and press the WRITE button, now set the current transmitter to the transmitter location you desire and press WRITE. The new programmed settings will only affect that specific transmitter. This allows each programmed transmitter (and corresponding user) to configure the alarm differently. The alarm will recall the correct feature programming each time the transmitter is used.

To save a file with commonly used settings, power up the Bitwriter and press READ, then press SELECT to change the desired settings. Once the features are changed, press FILE. To save a file with commonly used settings, power up the Bitwriter and press READ, then press SELECT to change the desired settings.

Press SELECT until the display reads SAVE CURRENT SETTINGS TO A FILE. Then press FILE to confirm the saved settings. A file number will appear to indicate the saved file location. Write the file number down with the selected settings for future reference.

Once the file to write to the security system is selected, press FILE again; the display will read FILE DOES NOT MATCH CURRENT UNIT, LOAD ANYWAY?

Press FILE and the display will read SETTINGS LOADED FROM FILE:_

The Bitwriter will return to the settings section. Scroll through them and verify individual system features and the current settings of those features. To delete an existing file press SELECT. The DELETE A FILE command will appear.

Press SELECT to choose the file to delete. Once the file number is displayed, press FILE to delete the displayed file.

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