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Avital 2100 Alarm System

Retails for $179.99

Special: $119.95


This model has been
upgraded to the Avital 3100

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Replacement Part Number: 2100L

Product Details Stock #: 2100L

Avital 2100 Alarm System

The 2100 is a perfect 3-channel entry-level system, offering your choice of configurable features, including user programmable active
or passive arming (either arm the system with your remote, or have the system arm itself 30
seconds after the last door closes.) The 2100 also offers the peace of mind that comes with 66-bit Stealth Coding Technology, for absolute immunity from illegal code grabbers with more than 18 quintillion possible codes!

*3-channel security/keyless entry system

*Includes Two 3-button AviGlo Remotes
66-bit Stealth Coding®
*Door Lock +/- Output
*Ignition control door locks on/off
*Parking Light Flash Relay built in (+/-)
*Failsafe® Starter Kill - On-board Relay
*Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor
*Revenger® Six-Tone Siren
*Chirps on/off
*Super Bright LED System Status Indicator
*2 Auxiliary Outputs
*Multiplexed sensor input

A Free Wiring diagram, Installation parts
and Shipping are included with this item
when you add your Vehicle Information

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