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Active Arming

Gives your customer the option to arm the system from the remote when needed. Personal choice, just like the light switch on the wall, lets you turn it on or off as desired. *See Passive Arming

Automatic Engine Disable
AED is a full-time, passive starter kill that works independently of the security system. Thieves can not start your car thanks to AED. Great if you go into a store without arming the vehicle. Automatic Engine Disable takes active arming to the next level!!!

Auxiliary Channel 2
Auxiliary Channel 2 is activated by holding down Button 2 for three seconds and can be used to control expansion features such as remote trunk release, windows open/close, gas cap or remote-start other vehicle... An excellent example of additional convenience and the ability to cater to customers' requirements.

Channel 3
To activate Channel 3, depress buttons 1 and 2 of the transmitter at the same time. Channel 3 allows for the use of additional fun and convenient features such as window roll-up, remote start or even garage door interface.
3-channel system press button 1+2
7/9-channel system press button 3

Code-Hopping is an advanced form of vehicle security. This breakthrough technology never sends the same code twice. Code-Hopping was designed to address the growing threat of thieves who use intercepting devices to learn remote transmitting codes so they can disarm vehicle security systems. State-of-the-art security system enhanced by numerous code combinations and Code-Hopping for added peace-of-mind.

Current Sense Technology
Current Sense Technology is a method of detecting when a light bulb in the vehicle is turned on. It is typically used to sense when the dome or trunk light in the vehicle has come on. We are successful in ignoring other types of current flow by sensing the type of load that is applied and filtering out those that do not resemble a light bulb.

Domelight Supervision
Illuminates the car's interior when disarming, making it easier to look inside the vehicle before getting in. Flashes the domelight during the alarm mode as an added deterrent, providing convenience and peace of mind. Activated automatically by the remote control, domelight supervision provides convenience and piece of mind.

Dual-Button Remote Controls
Engineered to achieve maximum range for your security system, the sleek two-button, low-profile design provides easy access with its natural contours. The transmitter automatically turns itself off after 10 seconds, ensuring that its battery won't go dead even if you leave the button pressed in. DEI® systems include two transmitters.

Failsafe® Starter Kill
The vehicle's starter solenoid will remain connected unless a thief attempts to hot-wire the ignition switch. Failsafe Starter Kill keeps the vehicle where you parked it: No unauthorized user can operate your vehicle once you've armed it, even with your key. The difference between an alarm system and a security system is having this anti-theft feature. Failsafe = peace-of-mind. In some states you can qualify for a discount on your auto insurance rate.

Forced Passive Arming
The next level of passive arming. Forced Passive Arming ensures that even if you leave your car door open, the system will arm and bypass that particular zone (door, sensor, switch etc.) after one hour. Passive arming must be selected for this feature to be enabled. Great if you leave your vehicle in a hurry and left it unsecured, Forced Passive Arming ensures you are protected always.

Ghost Switch™
Ghost Switch™ is an innovative bypass method that sends a coded signal from an existing switch in the vehicle. Imagine you've lost your transmitter while the system is armed. With Ghost Switch™, Just turn on the ignition and operate the assigned switch the appropriate number of times to bypass the system. Now we have a security feature that doesn't require an extra switch and is very easy and convenient to use. No worries of a thief finding a valet/override switch in the vehicle, thanks to Ghost Switch™.

High Frequency
High Frequency (HF) systems operate at a "cleaner" spectrum with less interference and have a very stable signal. HF systems offer an increase in range, even in RF-congested downtown areas. HF series has value-added technology that empowers you to reach a higher level of performance and technology.

High Security Disarm
This feature is extremely useful when you can't see the vehicle. If you hear the alarm sounding, you can be confident that when you stopped the siren with your remote, the system remained fully armed and the doors remained locked, just in case there is a continued threat.

Icon Mode
If what you're looking for is an easy-to-use and understandable setup, with Icon Mode each transmitter button can be assigned a specific function. For example: Arm only on button one, Disarm only for button two, Panic only for button three and trunk release on button four! Standard or custom setup, it's up to you.

Ignition-Controlled Door Locks
Automatically locks doors when ignition is turned on and unlocks them when ignition is turned off. This feature adds safety for vehicle occupants and increases security in threatening situations. It's great if you have kids! Requires Remote Keyless Entry-Power Door Lock interface *See Remote Keyless Entry

Learn Routine
Up to four individual transmitter codes can be can be programmed via Learn Routine. It makes replacements a breeze. Multiple car security with only one transmitter is easy to create, thanks to Learn Routine. Features and settings are programmed electronically and stored to EEPROM. They are retained in memory when the vehicle's battery is disconnected. Advanced auto security technology.

Nationwide Guaranteed Protection Plan
DEI's Guaranteed Protection Plan refunds your insurance deductible up to $2,500 if your vehicle is stolen within one year of purchase date, even if the vehicle is recovered* (80% of stolen vehicles are recovered and competing plans do not pay if the vehicle is recovered). You'll never be left unprotected because systems starting at $229 are covered by a nationwide limited lifetime warranty. A toll-free customer assistance program supports you anywhere in the United States. *Failsafe® Starter Kill must be installed. More info on the Nationwide Guaranteed Protection Plan (making a claim)

Nuisance Prevention Circuitry™
Nuisance Prevention Circuitry (NPC) is smart enough to adjust itself to a variety of environmental conditions such as thunder, jackhammers, or airport parking lots. If NPC activates, only the zone that activated three times in 60 minutes is ignored. All other zones remain active, and disarming with the transmitter doesn't reset the NPC; it's only cleared when the ignition is turned on. Best of all, NPC comes back on in an hour if no further problems are detected. No More False Alarms.

Owner Recognition
Remote control transmitters are his/her compatible! So if you like siren chirps and she doesn't, you like ignition controlled door locks and she doesn't, or you like active arming and she likes passive, no problem. Using the Innovations Award-winning Bitwriter™, up to four transmitters can be configured to control the system with independent settings.
Technology not only answers today's needs; it continually redefines our perception of what is possible tomorrow. DEI's ESP systems include 2 remotes, each can have their own settings! City/Country, Winter/Summer for example.

Panic/Car Locator
Full alarm activates when Button 1 is held down, calling attention to the vehicle. Customer can deter a would-be assailant. This increases personal safety for the vehicle owner/operator. It also can serve as a quick and easy way to find your vehicle in a crowded parking lot. Some systems optional.

Parking Light Flash
When the system is activated, parking lights flash to draw attention to the vehicle.
When using the remote:
One flash indicates on
Two flashes indicates off
Three flashes indicates that the system was activated while you were away
Confirmation when the system is armed or disarmed makes it easy to use.

Passive Arming*
When placed in this mode, the security system will arm itself 30 seconds after customer leaves the vehicle. Even if you forget to arm the system, passive arming will protect the vehicle from would-be thieves. This feature can be used in conjunction with power door locks and windows to fully secure the vehicle. *See Active Arming.

PC Compatible
Freedom of choice and easy to use; what could be better? Chose the features you like and have them work your way. You will see on-screen exactly what your choices are and even get a handy printout for reference.

Progressive Door Trigger
Prevents users of the vehicle from any undue embarrassment and noise if they open the door without using their remote to disarm the system. It immediately delivers a series of chirps prior to the continuous siren blast. This provides enough time for the user to disarm the system.

Remote Control Auxiliary Channels:
You can pop the trunk with Channel 2
You can start the engine with Channel 3
You can turn field disturbance sensor on or off
You can turn on your car's audio system
You can vent power windows
You can turn on headlights
You can get creative and design a custom remote control application
*Some features require upgrade components.

Remote Keyless Entry
Activates vehicles power door locks* by remote control, when arming or disarming the system and in Valet® Mode. You can lock or unlock the vehicle even with hands and arms full, the customer can lock or unlock the doors with just one button on the remote transmitter. Why scratch the paint around your car's keyhole? Use Keyless Entry to save your paint job! **Some additional equipment may be required. *See Ignition Controlled Door Locks.

Remote Start
Start your engine and your vehicle's air conditioner or heating system from a remote location with Channel 3 of the transmitter. * This is the ultimate in convenience and comfort. No more sizzling or freezing while waiting for the climate control system to
   take effect.

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