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The True Story about Dr.Detail

It all started back in 1982 when I got a job at Custom Car Care in Cincinnati, Ohio, detailing cars at $4.00 bucks an hour while taking two Metro buses back and forth each day!

After several years of detailing cars, I got the fever to install car stereos for myself and friends trying to make a few extra bucks while enjoying making people happy.

Soon, Custom Car Care expanded to a new location off Glenway Avenue with a much bigger facility and garage space.  As time went on I did more and more stereo installs, which led to Auto Alarms and Remote Starters as well. Then everything came to a sudden halt; Custom Car Care was going out of business, effective at the end of the month...  Wow...What am I going to do now?

At that time, my manger, Ronald and I decided to take a chance and start our own company detailing cars down the street at an old drive thru pony keg.  The date was June 20, 1990, behold Dr.Detail was born....

My partner and I found a bigger place to accommodate the extra cars rolling in on Glenway Avenue.  Our biggest objective was to offer our customers Top-Notch service while remaining competitive.  On December 10, 1990 of that year, we decided to carry a decent brand of Alarms that offered a nationwide guarantee and reliability.  Directed Electronics Inc. was to be our supplier.  In 1995, business was great, but my partner, (Ronald) decided to move on to other things.  This left me with a growing business that needed some good people to help run it.  I eventually hired some of the best people in the business, which knew everything about detailing, car alarms and window tinting, but most importantly, was Customer Care!!!

In 2001, I thought designing a web page for Dr.Detail would be helpful for customers who needed prices and information on Alarms, Remote Starters and Detailing.

This is where drdetailshop.com was born, (someone else had already taken drdetail.com).  Today, drdetailshop.com has become a huge success with products shipping everyday and questions answered. The one thing that we never forget is that all of our Customers are what made us #1, and most importantly, our Customers will always continue to get the Best Service and Products available today...


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