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MAIN : ALARM ACCESSORIES : XPRESSKIT : DBALLPRO Databus Lock/Alarm and Transponder Interface

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DBALLPRO Databus Lock
Alarm Transponder Interface

Retails for $189.99

Special: $129.95
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Replacement Part Number: DBALLPRO

Product Details Stock #: DBALLPRO

Nexgen DBALLPRO Door Lock/Alarm
and Transponder Standalone Interface

Product Description:

Introducing the DBALLPRO, the world’s first a-la-carte sales and technology architecture of its kind, not only from a design and compatibility standpoint but more so in how it's the hub that makes up the Directed product ECO systems and car connected services. Others have done A-la-carte... But not like this! DBALLPRO is at the center of the Directed product ECO system, it’s the world’s most complete aftermarket cloud connected ready security, convenience and remote start platform ever seen. It can be used stand alone or it can be used with any peripheral current, past and future from Directed.

* 2x Onboard high current relays
* Relay pack start control port
* D2D port Supports 2 way
* Web configurable XpressVIP 4.5
* Manual transmission mode
* Security Alarm Functionality

Bootloader Updates:
All new higher speed loader makes flashing
  faster and more reliable
*Database now supports unique module ID
  Updated bootloader supports;
*Error logging of D2D messages
*Issues with connections (Wrong data wires,
*Logs vehicle type and compares to VIN to
  ensure correct FW used
*Allows users to config D2D messages (turn
  each message ON/OFF as needed)
*Users can activate D2D and W2W controls
*All information updated to history database
  each time unit is connected to PC
*Tech support/warranty will be able to enter
  unit ID and see entire module history
  when troubleshooting (takes out guess work)
*Completely new LED diagnostic process
  provides complete user feedback of every
  successful or failed operation.

All New Platform With:
*ALL locking type connectors
. Fully CAN compliant
*ISO (J1 8s0/J1 979)
*Compatible with Key-to-Go Systems
*Compatible with RF loop Transponders
*All new Bootloader2 -Bootloader3 Ready.

Find out if your Vehicle needs a
Transponder/Databus kit Here

 Hardware Included:
 • DBALLPRO Main module
 • HARP12P-P165 Main harness
 • HAR-CM800A Secondary harness
 • HARP7P-P079 Relay connector
 • 4 Pin D2D Harness Included
 • MS-RSRC / Warranty Card

 Additional Parts and Accessories:
 • MC501 - Relay Pack For Remote Start
 • THCHC1 - Chrysler TIP T Harness
 • THCHC2 - Chrysler MUX T Harness
 • THCHC3 - Chrysler PTS T Harness
 • THGM610C - GM Key T Harness
 • THFDC1 - Ford Plug and Play Harness
 • THNISS3C - Nissan PTS T Harness
 • THTLC12 - Toyota PTS T Harness
 • XKLOADER 2 - Web Programmer
 • XKLOADER 3 - Web Programmer
 • 2102T - Passive Keyless Entry (PKE)
 • VSM200 - Smartstart Module
 • VSM250 - Smartstart GPS
 • VSM50BT - Smartstart Bluetooth

 Additional Alarm Parts and Sensors:
 • 504D - Stinger Shock Impact Sensor
 • 506T - Audio Sensor (Glass Breakage)
 • 508D - Field Disturbance Radar Sensor
 • 507M - Digital Tilt Movement Sensor
 • 509U - Ultrasonic Pressure Sensor
 • 502T - Closed Loop Alarm Sensor
 • 103T - Digital Keypad Starter Kill
 • 514N - Soft Chirp 6-Tone Siren
 • 520T - Back-Up Battery System
 • 8613 - Ball Bearing Tilt Switch

 Optional Add-on RF Remote Kits:
 • 9656V - Viper LE Remotes/Antenna
 • 9756V - Viper LCD Remotes/Antenna
 • 9856V - Viper LED Remotes/Antenna
 • 9656X - Clifford LE Remotes/Antenna
 • 9756X - Clifford LCD Remotes/Antenna
 • 9856X - Clifford LED Remotes/Antenna

 Optional RF Loop Transponders:

 Note: We will Flash any Xpresskit
 Transponder Free with Purchase Here

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