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Extreme Range XHF
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First there was HF, the move from 302 MHz to 433 MHz, a less cluttered part of the spectrum. Directed engineers saw that it improved range, and it was good.

Then came SHF with its superheterodyne receiver, and Directed engineers saw that it improved range a lot, and it was even better.

And now...Directed engineers are proud to unveil XHF, the latest generation in off board, windshield-mounted superhet receivers, which offers extreme range that is simply the best! Yeah!

XHF receivers are now shipping on all Viper, Python and Sidewinder 552 and 553 series systems, just in time for remote start season.

In addition to the XHF off board superhet receiver, there are two other related developments. The non-superhet systems are getting a similar upgrade, HF+, which will move their receiver off board as well. And for problem areas with very high levels of RF interference which inhibit range, Directed will soon be offering XHF+, a plug-in replacement receiver which features a SAW filter, virtually eliminating interference problems.

“Directed has always been focused on range, and XHF delivers!” says Toby Lewis, Product Category Manager for Security. RF Engineer Minas Minassian agrees: “With XHF we've developed a series of high performance receivers based on the latest technology and nearly two decades of successful designs in the automotive environment.”

Catch the wave, the radio wave, with XHF!

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