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What is XK400N ?

What is XK400N ?
XK400N is an innovative new web-configurable interface module that
docs into the XPRESSPORT of the Responder LE CPU. It is capable of
working with many databus protocols including CAN, J1850, and Class 2
and is web configurable using XPRESS VIP software.
Every XK400N has an XPRESSKEY™ port built into it. XPRESSKEYs are RFID transponders
encased in a unique XPRESSKEY housing which can only be activated when plugged into
the XK400N. XPRESSKEYS are only needed for certain vehicles-many vehicles need only
the XK400N.
When combined with the two XPRESSKEY plug-in transponder modules (XKEY1, XKEY2),
the XK400N combines the functionality of all the existing XK-series modules.
That’s coverage of over 9 SKU’s in one!
Databus Interface Module for Responder LE:

XKEY1 Transponder Chip for XK400N (1st Gen Chrysler Sentry Key)
XKEY2 Transponder Chip for XK400N (2nd Gen Chrysler Sentry Key
and GM)

The XPRESSPORT is a dock that’s built right into the housing of the new Responder LE CPU.
With XPRESSPORT, exclusively from Directed, it’s a direct connection with no wires between
the CPU and interface modules. XPRESSPORT saves you time, money and ensures a reliable
connection every time!
• 9 locations of wire placement using the Responder LE security/remote start system.
• 27 locations of wire placement using the previous product system.


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