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Click Here for Larger Image
Click Here for Larger Image

Viper 3002 2 Way LED Car
Alarm /Keyless Entry System

Retails for $379.00



This model has been
upgraded to the Viper

Replacement Part Number: 3202V

Product Details Stock #: V3002

Viper 3002 2 Way LED Car Alarm
with Keyless Entry System

The Security of a Viper 1002
The 2 Way of a Viper 5002

The all new Viper LED series alarms and remote starts offer consumers a more affordable choose for 2 way convenience
and peace of mind.

*User-friendly 2-Way LED Remote with
  the Ultimate 2-Way Security System!
*6-channel 2-Way security/keyless entry
  system (Remote start is not built in!)
*FCC-Legal Remotes - No Risk of $11,000
  Forfeiture penalties per violations!
*Responder Technology: Unique LED
  Interface for 2-Way communication of
  command confirmations and trigger events!
*Confirms most commands with easy-to
  understand LED's!
*Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping®
*Alerts users to security system triggers
  by LED's!
*Responder alerts you when too far away to
  hear it.
*Only available 2-Way Remotes with 66-bit
*Vehicle Recovery System
*Parking light flash relay built in
*Remote Adjustable On-board Stinger®
  DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor
*Power Door Lock relays built in
*Domelight Supervision relay built in
*Power Trunk release/Channel 2 output ready
*Failsafe® Starter Kill relay built in
*5 Auxiliary Outputs (Programmable)
*5 zones
*Dual MUX Sensor ports allow easy
  connection of two additional sensors
*Sensor shunt input (Remote Start/window up)
*Independent zone diagnostics for each system
*Retained Accessory Power
*Comfort Closure
*Bright Blue LED System Status Indicator
*Horn Honk output (Dedicated)
*One newer style 4-button LED 487V 2 way
  pager Remote and one Ergonomic Design 4
  button spare Remote
*Valet switch
*6 Tone Revenger Siren
*Remote Panic/Car Finder
*$2,500 Guaranteed Protection Plan
*Viper quality, with Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Super High Frequency (SHF): The best range in the industry!
Automatic configuration of transmitter buttons.
All models are Clone-Safe.
Viper GPS Tracking System: through ESP 2 serial port.

Viper 3002 now includes the XHF Super 2
Way Dipole Antenna with about a 1/4 mile

Notice: All Viper Car Alarm Systems Require DEI Professional Installation for Warranty and Service!  Dr.Detail offers Onsite Professional Installation for all Viper Alarms, Remote Starters and Keyless Entry Systems in the greater Cincinnati area! Please Call for the
next Available Appointment.

*Price includes basic installation and may
  require additional parts and labor!

Pre-Order Installation On
This 2-Way Alarm Here

Want to buy and install a system
like this yourself? Click Here
Need a Spare Remote for this
Alarm System? Click Here
State-of-the-art Viper ESP2 Car
Alarm Systems are PC/Bitwriter programmable, and offer consumers
the following features:

ESP Owner Recognition: Your vehicle recognizes you and configures itself accordingly, with individualized settings for up to 4 separate drivers.
ESP Viper GPS Tracking System: Upgrades to complete telephone remote control of your vehicle by direct plug-in to ESP systems. Never lock your keys in the car again! Warm up your car before you get to baggage claim!
ESP Icon Remotes: Configure the system with separate buttons for lock and unlock or any way you choose!
ESP Ghost Switch: Hide your Valet override switch in plain sight, where no thief will ever find it!
ESP FlexChannel: An extra channel to configure any way you want. Lets  you remote control virtually any system in your vehicle.
ESP Remote Zone Out: Allows you to shunt any and all system sensors and triggers from your remote.

Please Call: 513-574-7879 Or Toll Free: 1-855-574-7879
E-Mail Us At: Dr.Detail   /  Or Ask A Question Here
Open Monday-Saturday 10:00 Am till 6:00 Pm EST

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