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Learn about the SST Responder Remote

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  Responder SST 2-Way Remote Systems

According to Charlie Quong, Director of Product Development for Security and Remote Start, "The results have been phenomenal so far. All test units in the field have achieved or exceeded the range target of one mile. Responder SST with Spread Spectrum Technology is on track to ship in August, just in time for remote start season."

Remote start, a technology that allows consumers to start their engines and warm up their vehicles by remote control, continues to grow in awareness and popularity, particularly in the cold weather regions (though it can also be used to pre-cool vehicles during hot weather). Range from the keychain remote control is important. For the product to be effective it must be able to remote start the vehicle when it is parked down the street, or at the far end of a snowy parking lot.

Award-winning 2-Way Responder systems from Directed, marketed under the Viper, Python and Clifford brands, have been best-sellers for several years, allowing users to stay in touch with their vehicles from up to one-quarter mile away. A true 2-Way transceiver, the Responder remote allows the user to send a command to the vehicle (i.e. arming the security system or starting the engine) and then receive confirmation back. The remote also acts like a pager, notifying the user by beeping or vibrating when the security system siren is sounding.

However, the latest generation Responder SST products, which recently achieved formal FCC approval, use Spread Spectrum Technology to achieve range of up to or exceeding one mile, employing digital frequency hopping and multiple frequency transmission to assure that, if a frequency is blocked, the signal still goes through. Responder SST also uses dual error correction systems to combat signal data corruption and minimize signal interference.

According to Jim Minarik, Directed Electronics President and CEO, "Digital Spread Spectrum Technology in all its configurations represents Directed's ongoing commitment to our customers to continuously improve our industry leading products and services. We are truly Driven to Excel."

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