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The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas might be the biggest and most exciting convention in the world! 140,000 folks showed up this year to see the latest technological wonders, everyone from Bill Gates to the stars of the adult cinema (Whoops! Better not go there!)
Our roving reporter Tony Beech was there to take in all the action, and hereís his report:

Folks, if you havenít been to Vegas lately, itís happening! The latest trend is huge fancy casino hotels that mimic other cities: youíve got New York, New York; youíve got Paris, youíve got the Venetian. (When they build one that looks like Tijuana, Iím there!)

CES was happening too! Since this is a mobile electronics magazine, Iíll concentrate on that, but there was also wild stuff happening in other areas of the show. (Real wild, but like I told you, I ainít going there!)

Letís talk about some new transmitters. A company called DEI came up with two doozies. Check this out: the Merlin is the smallest transmitter of its type in the world. Itís about one inch square - itís basically the size of a quarter, but you can use it to operate your security or remote start system. Itís got 18 quintillion rolling codes, which says permanent bye-bye to code grabbers. And you know what else? Itís waterproof. Take it surfing, snorkeling or water skiing with no worries. Keep it safe in your fishbowl. And after three years, when the battery dies, itís disposable. Toss-ola, just like your ex-!

The other transmitter is called the Venom, and it uses a hot new technology called Power Burst to double your range. Check this out: if you can typically remote start your car or truck from ľ mile away, then with the Venom you may literally get a Ĺ mile range! No fooling. Just pull out the retractable antenna and press the button. This powerful little remote is also FCC legal, unlike those other long range remotes, which is another reason why the Venom won an Innovations Award at CES.

Speaking of transmitters, three of the leading brands of security systems brought out sharp new remotes this year. That would be Viper, Python and Sidewinder. (For which I say, ďFangs a lot!Ē) I donít know whether itís keeping up with the Joneses or what, but these sharp new remotes have got to be good for everybodyís business, creating excitement in the marketplace and offering consumers more value and more style for the money. If you have a chance, drop by a Sidewinder, Python or Viper retailer, and ask to see these great new transmitters.

Letís switch gears here to remote start. You know about remote start, right? Starts your car at the push of a button? Well now, from a brand called Valet, you can put your remote start on a digital timer! Letís say you have to go to work every morning at 8. (ha ha, I donít - Iím freelance!) You set the Valet 556T to start your car at 7:30 every weekday morning. (See, it even lets you sleep-in on the weekends.) And you can warm up your car every weekday afternoon at 4:45 too. Plus, itís got a digital thermostat, so it can start your car if the temperature gets too hot or too cold - you set it, and the 556T does the rest. All for just 99 bucks!

Finally, letís talk about car audio, since ďmusic hath charms to soothe the savage breast.Ē (Oops, I went there accidentally.) Directed Audio had some of the hottest new stuff at the show.

Their Directed 1100d subwoofer amplifier won a prestigious Innovations Award for its ability to deliver earthshaking power (1100 watts RMS) with extremely precise protection circuits, at a watt-per-dollar value that will really turn-on the autosound competitors out there.

Also from Directed Audio, the new 8Ē Studio Neodymium Midbass speaker is a real winner. Itís incredibly shallow, just 2Ĺ inches deep, because thatís not a dustcap in front of the poly cone, itís the motor! Which features an ultra-powerful 1Ĺ inch neodymium slug. The Studio Midbass can handle 150 watts RMS, and is very loud: itís 93 dB efficient at one watt/one meter. Add a couple of these babies to your doors or kickpanels for an awesome upfront soundstage that will rock the house (or at least your car!)

And to fine-tune your new audio system, what could be better than a clean little Ĺ DIN-sized, 5-band graphic equalizer (EQ) like the new Directed 1500. The 1500 features a dedicated subwoofer output, and itís powered by a 30 volt bipolar switching power supply. You can pick one up for the unbelievable MSRP of just $130!


South Padre Island, Texas (3-4-01) - Nathan Munson of Eastern Audio, Clovis, New Mexico, set a dB Drag World Record in his class (Extreme 1-2) this weekend of 167.3 dB using a single 15 inch Atomic Thunder ďMouseĒ woofer, driven by four Directed 1100d class Dmono amplifiers that produce nearly five thousand watts in Nathan's heavily modified Civic.

This is the second noteworthy competition result in 2001 for the CES Innovations- and Autosound Grand Prix Award-winning Directed 1100d amplifier, which also drove T.J. Tice and Wesley Derryberry to a new MECA world record of 170.7 on the LinearX meter in Louisville, Kentucky two weeks ago. The 1100d previously recorded a world championship, world record, and a third place finish at the 2000 IASCA/IdBL Finals, as well as winning a second world championship at the 2000 USAC Finals accompanied by a second place finish in the Bass Olympics event.

 ďNot many people are as hard on amps and subs as dB draggers,Ē says Munson, ďand I abuse the cr*p out of them, but these DEI amps are durable. I love Ďem and Iíve never had a problem with them. The Directed 1100dís kick a** basically.Ē

Directed Wins Six Autosound Grand Prix Awards

 Vista, Calif. (April 11, 2001) Ė Itís official! The March issue of AudioVideo International magazine is on the stands, and the winner is...Directed Electronics! Winning products include:

Directed 1100d Amplifier

The awards just keep coming for Directedís powerhouse subwoofer amplifier, winner of the Innovations Award at the Consumer Electronics Show and 173.1 dB USAC champion. Itís loud, and draws a crowd!

Directed 650 Amplifier

 The Grand Prix award-winning Model 650 is a beefy, five-channel amplifier rated at 4 x 50 watts RMS, plus a 250 watt RMS subwoofer section with its own power supply. Itís a workhorse and a winner!

Valet 552T

One of the best-selling remote start/keyless entry systems in the world is an Autosound Grand Prix winner in 2001, thanks to its rich feature set, straightforward installation, and rock solid reliability!

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