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Hornet 554T 2 Way Alarm W/Remote Starter

The 554T is a 553T with all the features plus a new remote with LCD Display and XHF 2 Ways Technology. 
The remote not only sends you information about the alarm state, but also vibrates. Temperature display w/auto temp starting.

The all-in-one Hornet 554T is just right for someone looking for convenience and security. With this system, the convenience of remote start and the assurance of a protected vehicle are available with the push of a button. Pre-warm your car in the winter, and pre-cool it in the summer with the top-of-the-line Hornet 554T remote start security system.

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Hornet 554T Alarm W/2 Way Remote Starter
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1 Remote type 476T
1 Remote Type 477T
XHF 2 Ways Technology
Acoustic and Vibration warning
ESP Serial Interface for Onscreen Video Monitor
ESP Interface for Temperature Control 556T
ESP Interface for the Bitwriter Programming module 998T
5 Alarm Zones
AUX Channels 3 and 4
Shutdown diagnostics reported by LED
Auto-timer for cold climates/starts via timer
Tach learn with confirmation
Auto-restart, safety inputs, pinswitch
Power door lock outputs
(+/-) Ignition controlled power locks
Valet® mode
Fuel-injected automatic/manual transmission
Pre-ignition, program runtime 1-60 min
Doorlock pulse duration (prog. 0.8/3.5 sec)
Horn honk output
DEI standard 12 pin harness
Passive lock/not lock
Channel 2 output
6 Tone Revenger Siren.
Remote Panic/Car Finder.
Domelight output
Failsafe® Starter kill ready (active/passive)
Neutral safety input
HCRS-3 relay/high capacity relay satellite
Parking light flash (program constant or pulsing) relay
24 Months Warranty

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Learn More about the Hornet 554T Here

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