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New Product Release Overview

Vista, Calif. (CES) Directed Electronics, Inc., the world’s largest vehicle security and remote start company and a major car audio and mobile video manufacturer, is making the following announcements at the 2003 Consumer Electronics Show:
  • Directed Electronics is releasing more than 300 new products this year!
  • Directed wins 5 Innovations Awards
  • Complete Re-launch of Orion Car Audio line
  • New Precision Power Subs and Speakers
  • New Viper, Python and Sidewinder vehicle security systems
  • New Directrack Stolen Vehicle Tracking System
  • New Arrow 5 – first Clifford G5 system
  • New Directed Audio Essentials line
  • New Audio and Video products
  • PRICOL India Licenses Directed Technologies
  • Bill Turner and Roger Paeselt Promoted
1. Directed Wins 5 Innovations Awards at CES 2003 
Vista, Calif. (CES) – The CES Innovations Award is one of the most eagerly-sought acknowledgments of design and manufacturing excellence in the business, and to the best of our knowledge, Directed has won more Innovations Awards than any other manufacturer! We’re proud to have won five more in 2003:
Responder Technology (Matrix RS3) 
Responder Technology gets the recognition it deserves as the world’s best 2-Way security and remote start system, with outstanding reliability and extreme range, virtually instantaneous response, secure 66-bit Code-Hopping, big easy-to-use display...and it’s 100% FCC Legal! Now that’s Innovation!
Precision Power (DCX 650S) 
The new Precision Power component speakers produce higher output levels with lower distortion than any other component set on the market! The reason? Highly-efficient R-Gap Magnet Geometry motors with DiModal cone technology, for Absolutely State of the Art Mobile Audio!
Directed Video (MCB1000) 
Directed Video offers more innovative, proprietary features than any other mobile video line: RST (Removable Screen Technology), ESP compatibility and DirectIR. And the Innovations Award-winning MCB1000 Multi-Control Module is your gateway to maximum multimedia performance. Your Clear Choice!
Viper Audio (1100.5) 
The fearsome Viper is unleashed! Viper Audio’s third Innovations Award in two years recognizes the hybrid 1100.5 amplifier – 500 watts of 4 channel class A/B muscle combined with a whopping 600 watt, 1 ohm stable class D sub channel. Stronger than most two-amp systems. Cold-blooded!
Directed Essentials / Installation Technology (455G) 
Directed’s popular new TrailBlazer Databus Interface won an Innovations Award just like our JIM (Jeep Interface Module) did two years ago, and for the same reason: it saves technicians two hours on each install, and time is money – your money! Directed drives this bus – the digital databus – and has the Innovations Awards to prove it!

2. Hardcore attitude – Orion is All New in 2003! 

Vista, Calif. (CES) – Rebuilt and fabricated from the ground up, Orion high performance car audio delivers its entire legendary attitude for 2003, fully restored! Unparalleled in power and style, Orion high performance amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers offer never-before-seen innovations that will command respect in the streets as well as the competition lanes. Man up and bounce with the legend!

Vista, Calif. (CES) – Rebuilt and fabricated from the ground up, Orion high performance car audio delivers its entire legendary attitude for 2003, fully restored! Unparalleled in power and style, Orion high performance amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers offer never-before-seen innovations that will command respect in the streets as well as the competition lanes. Man up and bounce with the legend!

Take the new flagship Orion subwoofer, the H2 12.2. Nearly 13” around and over 8 inches tall, weighing-in at more than 30 pounds, the H2 12.2 subwoofer with its unique Dual Gap Geometry (DGG) motor clearly raises the bar for high-performance automotive subwoofers. Replacing the legendary HCCA, it sets new standards for high power, very long linear excursion subwoofers, by offering the perfect combination of high excursion, short voice coil, extreme power handling, and high efficiency.

DGG yields ultra high excursions of over 29 mm in each direction, for a total peak-to-peak linear excursion of 58mm (more than 2-1/4 inches!) The entire basket serves as a heat sink for the voice coil, with the outer surface of the voice coil always in proximity to the heat sink area. This combination of materials and technology yields a speaker with 2000 watts RMS of displacement-limited power handling in a sealed box and 2000 watts RMS of thermal power handling. In addition, the integration of this advanced motor structure into the unique basket represents a huge step forward in subwoofer design. The new Orion amps, speakers and processors are just as innovative. Strap yourself in and get ready for a wild ride – Orion is back in action! MSRP for the H2 12.2 is $800.

3. Responder Technology Wins Innovations Award At 2003 Consumer Electronics Show! 

Unique Vehicle Security and Remote Start System Comes With Cool 2-Way Remote Transceiver For Your Keychain – Starts Your Car With the Push of a Button, and Alerts You By Beeping or Vibrating When Your Siren Goes Off

Available at Thousands of Retailers from Coast to Coast

Vista, Calif. (CES) – Directed Electronics, Inc., the world’s largest vehicle security and remote start company, is now shipping state-of-the-art 2-Way remote start / security systems to thousands of authorized Viper, Python and Clifford Matrix retailers. These systems, the Viper 790XV, Python 880XP and Clifford Matrix RSIII, feature Responder Technology: a unique LCD interface on your key ring, for 2-Way communication of remote control commands from you to your vehicle – and confirmations back from the vehicle that your command was received! Plus, remote notification when your security system has triggered, whether you can hear the siren or not! The 2-Way Responder remote beeps or vibrates when your alarm goes off, from up to a quarter-mile away!

Responder Technology from Directed Electronics has been recognized with a coveted Innovations Award at the 2003 Consumer Electronics Show. Unlike other 2-Way systems, Directed’s Responder Technology is the most secure system of its type, with 66-bit Clone-Safe Code-Hopping encryption. 66-bit encryption uses rolling code technology, with 18 quintillion possible codes...that’s an 18 followed by 18 zeros! Utterly impervious to being grabbed or cloned by illegal ‘code grabber’ devices. And unlike many competitors, Responder Technology is 100% FCC Legal. It has other advantages as well:
  • Large, easy-to-understand screen, with confirmation icons, plus text
(Push a button to start warming up your car, and you’ll see a “puff of smoke” exhaust icon on the Responder screen, confirming that your car has started!)
  • Virtually instantaneous confirmation of commands
  • One of the few 2-Way systems with Vibrate mode
  • Responder offers extreme range, more than a quarter-mile under optimum conditions
Responder systems are the best! They’re available from Viper, Python and Clifford Matrix retailers across North America and around the world. MSRP uninstalled is $599.

4. With new woofers and killer new speakers. Precision Power redefines Absolutely State of the Art Mobile Audio – Again! 

Vista, Calif. (CES) – To know what’s going on with Precision Power International (PPI) look no further than the state-of-the-art new DCX 650S Powerclass Component Speaker System, which represents a quantum jump in speaker technology.

Winner of the 2003 CES Innovations Award, the DCX 650S produces higher output levels with lower distortion than any other component set on the market! These speakers have the unique ability to aim both the midrange and the high frequencies at the listener through the use of DiModal cone technology. This design dramatically reduces cone distortion (bell and ring modes) by placing the voice coil away from the center of the cone. This non-symmetrical shape also allows aiming of the mid-range frequencies by simply rotating the speaker in the mounting surface.

Other major (and exclusive) innovations in speaker design include R-Gap Magnet Geometry, which completely changes the way that high performance midrange/midbass speakers perform. R-Gap features an innovative motor with extremely high magnetic energy, dynamic braking at high excursions, and a 70% reduction in voice coil mass and inductance. The benefits include extreme high efficiency while retaining high “Q” for good bass response. In addition, the relatively compact, offset motor structure means these speakers are easy to install, and the increased efficiency and R-Gap motor means they’ll work equally well with small and large amplifiers. Available in the most popular sized coaxial and component systems.

To complement these revolutionary new speakers, Precision Power introduces the ultimate in competition-grade state of the art subwoofers. Using a special SQL-tuned version of the breakthrough design Dual Gap Geometry motor mounted in a sophisticated, proprietary die-cast frame, these subs are all about accuracy and linearity. Technically advanced material solutions like foamed poly cones suspended from conformally attached Santoprene surrounds eliminate distortion and replace it with nothing but the sweet sounds of your favorite music. With unbounded power handling and extreme excursion limits, there isn’t a bass note alive that fazes the new SQL subwoofer. Whether you expect your bass to bring you home sound-off trophies or just to bring you home with a huge smile on your face, Precision Power’s new flagship SQL subwoofers deliver.

Add a new, stylish and performance-oriented Powerclass subwoofer line, the legendary, powerful PCX amps and our unique family of competition-proven signal processors, and it’s easy to see why Precision Power for 2003 will astound music lovers and keep them coming back for more! MSRP for the DCX 650S is $500.

5. Viper, Python and Sidewinder are All New in 2003! 

Vista, Calif. (CES) – The World’s Leading Security and Remote Start lines have shed their skin and are ready to strike! With
  • New miniaturized micro-sized remotes
  • New smaller installer-friendly/thief-unfriendly modules w/ colorful raised snake-logo badges for each brand
  • Attractive new packaging
  • 7 brand new models shipping in January, with 3 more in Q2!
In addition, the new Viper systems feature:
  • Bright blue dashboard status LED
The remaining systems in the Viper, Python and Sidewinder lines are scheduled to emerge brand new later in the year.

Viper, Python and Sidewinder have never looked better, or performed better, thanks to their rock solid HF+ and XHF off-board receivers! Viper, Python and Sidewinder will keep you, your loved ones, your vehicle and its contents safe in 2003!

6. New for CES 2003: Directrack! 

Vista, Calif. (CES) – The new Directrack stolen vehicle tracking system is available starting in March at authorized Viper, Python, Clifford and Automate Dealers!
  • Professionally installed quickly and easy to use, Directrack plugs-into any Directed system with ESP2!
  • A cellular/GPS tracking solution: attractively-priced hardware, with a variety of web-based service packages!
  • A natural extension of industry-leading Directed security brands!
A vehicle is stolen every 23 seconds – now consumers can purchase an add-on stolen vehicle tracking solution with their new security system, for the ultimate in vehicle protection!

A variety of service packages is available, but every Directrack system comes with stolen vehicle tracking capability at no additional cost or monthly fee! For more information, please visit your local aftermarket Viper, Python, Clifford retailer, or your new car dealer for Automate Directrack!

7. Arrow 5 Arrives in January, a preview of the new Clifford G5 line, the next generation in vehicle security, convenience and luxury! 

Vista, Calif. (CES) – Meet Arrow 5. The brand new G5 model based on the best-selling Clifford Arrow 3. The most reliable and installer-friendly Arrow ever made. Check out the new consumer- and installer-friendly features:
  • Normally Closed trigger input for rear defoggers and vehicles with closed loop triggers
  • FACT2 allows three alarm triggers before silencing the offending input
  • Compact main module for easier mounting under the dash
  • Cool blue Status LED
  • New blue LED on the Radar transmitter
  • Five selectable auxiliary output options: Pulse 1 = ignition off only; Pulse 2 = ignition on or off; Timer; Latched; Latched reset when ignition is turned on
  • Each auxiliary output channel has its own dedicated timer (G4 had only one timer for all outputs)
and the number one improvement to the new G5 line:
  • CliffNet Wizard is now compatible with Windows 2000 and XP!
Clifford consumers as well as installers will love the features of the great new Arrow 5. Clifford truly epitomizes The Science of Security! MSRP uninstalled: just $299. For more information and a retailer locator, please visit www.clifford.com

8. What’s new with Directed Video? Plenty! 

Exciting New Products, More Affordable Than Ever in 2003!

Vista, Calif. (CES) – The Directed Video line is growing in 2003 – including our screens! Now playing: huge 10.4” monitors, with brilliant colors and outstanding off-axis viewing. Plus lots of other great additions to the line, including three new DVD source units, accessories, and the five unique proprietary benefits of Directed Video! Plus, don’t forget about the unique MCB1000 Multi-Control Module, winner of the CES 2003 Innovations Award!

a.) Detachable Screens Using RST (Removable Screen Technology)

Directed is the only major manufacturer to offer three different LCD monitors which can snap into and out of a single overhead console. This attractive consumer benefit means that:
  • Owners can detach LCD screen just like a head unit face plate, to prevent theft
  • Owners can swap a single screen between vehicles
  • Retailers can offer their customers an attractive upgrade path
b.) Serial Interface Link to Directed ESP Security/Remote Start Systems

Who else but Directed can offer this? Now consumers can:
  • Quickly program their security system on-screen
  • See on-screen trigger information, identifying source of trigger
This feature, in conjunction with HUPP (see below), makes Directed Video uniquely desirable to millions of Viper, Python, Sidewinder and Clifford Matrix consumers!

c.) Direct IR Infrared Remote Control from Anywhere in the Vehicle!

Infrared “eyes” on every monitor and source unit mean you can point your remote at virtually any component to have complete system remote control!

Other product features set Directed Video apart from the competition:

d.) The OHC 100 Overhead Console fits snugly inside many competing vehicle specific consoles, with an adapter ring that comes in every box! This is a great competitive advantage for both dealers and consumers!

e.) Finally, Directed’s HUPP (Head Unit Protection Plan) also protects Directed Video! Ask your Directed Video retailer about HUPP, or visit www.directed.com for more information.

9. Viper Audio 5-Channel Amplifier Wins Innovations Award At 2003 Consumer Electronics Show! 

Third Innovations Award for Viper Audio in 12 Months! Line is Growing at CES With Six New Subs, Five New Speakers and Two Hot New Amps!

Vista, Calif. (CES) -- Directed Electronics, the world’s largest aftermarket vehicle security and remote start company, with five established mobile audio brands, is proud to announce that the Viper Audio 1100.5 amplifier won a coveted Innovations Award at CES 2003. The hybrid-design 1100.5 features 500 watts of 4 channel class A/B amplifier, combined with a 600 watt, 1 ohm stable class D subwoofer channel, creating a single amp that is stronger than most two amp systems. Its on-board crossovers and filters give listeners perfect control over their system, and if (for some reason) 600 watts of bass isn’t quite enough, the 1100.5 will accommodate an additional Viper d600.1 amplifier for an extreme 1200 total sub watts, using Directed’s proprietary master/slave feature for bridged or synced gain operation.

The Viper Audio line now offers 28 cold-blooded autosound products, a complete line bearing one of the most feared and respected brand names and images in mobile electronics: Viper. Available at thousands of authorized Viper dealers across North America and around the world, the 1100.5 amplifier carries a manufacturer’s suggested retailer price of $900.

10. Directed Audio is even more Heavy Duty in 2003!
Loudest Vehicle Ever Uses Directed 1100d Amps!

Vista, Calif. (CES) – What do you do to the audio line that gives you everything? Give it more! Directed Audio is Bigger, Faster and Stronger in 2003 than ever before!

Directed Amps are the industry leader in delivering power efficiently. Directed is in the Power Business bigtime! When you’ve absolutely, positively got to whup everybody, in the parking lot or in the competition lanes, more people are turning to Directed amps than ever before. Ask Wolfgang from TeamBS, the SPL crew from Germany that showed the world just how loud a Volkswagen can be – 177.7 dB certified! Team BS can proudly say that they are the loudest vehicle ever recorded under dB Drag rules, with 64 of the legendary Directed 1100d amps laying down the juice. From the Class D fury of the monoblocks to the multi-channel monsters that rule the roost, Directed amps are breaking world records!

For 2003, Directed has the subwoofers it takes to handle that kind of power too – from the new aggressively priced Directed line that redefines how low you can go on a budget, stepping up to the Studio line for audio purists, and jumping off the charts with new CompX subs – think last year’s CompX on steroids – now featuring an awesome 1,000 watts RMS power handling and excursion driven by the all-powerful Dual Gap Geometry motor. Directed subs start faster – they’re more efficient, and they keep getting louder without topping-out! There’s no replacement for displacement, and Directed subs move air like a hurricane!

Don’t forget about Directed speakers! Directed has won multiple awards for its Studio Neodymium Components and Coaxes, and the famous Directed Neos are even more robust in ’03. May the flux be with you! Even the entry-level coaxial speaker line has been rebuilt to deliver more performance at the same great prices.

The loudest vehicle in the world – Ever!
Team BS Hits 177.7 dB (Certified) at dB Drag Finals in Nashville Using Directed 1100d Amps

Vista, Calif. (11-5-02) Directed Electronics, the world’s largest aftermarket vehicle security and remote start company, with six established mobile audio and video brands, is proud to announce that Germany-based Team BS led by Wolfgang Fischer and Manfred Burkhard, achieved an unprecedented certified SPL score of 177.7 dB and a first place finish in the Extreme 13+ class at the dB Drag Finals in Nashville, Tennessee on November 2nd. Their heavily modified VW Van Type 3 not only won their class, it was the loudest vehicle at the event for all classes, and is also the loudest vehicle measured under dB Drag championship rules anywhere in the world – ever! They used 64 Directed 1100d amplifiers to power the van to victory.

“Like the song says, ‘We are the Champions, my friends!’” said Wolfgang Fischer. “On behalf of team members Robse, Roger, Jörg, Joachim, Nick and Marine, we’d like to thank Directed for giving us the power to be the loudest in the world!”

Directed’s audio product manager John Durbin commented, “Wolfgang and his team have served notice that dB Drag is now truly a world-wide competition, and we couldn’t be prouder that they chose our Directed amplifiers to power this unique vehicle to the Championship of the World.”

11. a/d/s/ Mobile is Ready for Action!
This audiophile line is now Complete and Shipping!

Vista, Calif. (CES) – a/d/s/ (Analog and Digital Systems) was founded on the philosophy of utilizing new technologies and manufacturing techniques to create the highest level of performance attainable, and that mission has never wavered. Now, as a/d/s/ approaches its 30th year in business, the line has never been more robust. a/d/s/ is now fully prepared to capture, and captivate, audiophiles with the best-looking, best sounding autosound equipment ever! From the ultra-high fidelity of the 3-series and 2-series component systems, to the awesome performance of the multi-channel PowerPlate amplifiers, to the powerful, accurate performance of the R- and A-series subwoofers, a/d/s/ will regain its rightful place at the high end of the high end!

12. a/d/s/ Home / Architectural
Poised for its best year ever in 2003!

Vista, Calif. (CES) – As a leader in home/architectural audio, a/d/s/ continuously explores new techniques in measurements, materials and manufacturing. a/d/s/ continues to offer stylish products with installation and operational simplicity, incorporating practical features that provide the highest musical integrity. The a/d/s/ Home Theater Series Monitors and In-Wall Loudspeakers offer the finest audio reproduction with maximum installation flexibility, while the a/d/s/ Custom-Install Series sets the industry standard for natural sound and seamless integration into any environment.

Take the L210 and L310 All-Weather Loudspeakers. In 1976, New York’s Museum of Modern Art included the original a/d/s/ mini-speakers in its permanent collection celebrating their striking design and style. In 2003, these small 6- and 9 lb. marvels continue to offer unmatched performance, style and versatility. They can easily handle outdoor conditions, and are video shielded for a/v use. Did we mention they sound amazing? You have to hear them to understand the power and glory of the a/d/s/ musical experience! For more information on a/d/s/, please visit www.directed.com

a/d/s/ Wins a Coveted Hi-Fi Grand Prix Award!

The a/d/s/ Home Theater Series HT400iw In-Wall Loudspeaker received the 2002 Hi-Fi Grand Prix award from AudioVideo International magazine in December. Recognized with the premier and most sought-after award in home/architectural audio, the HT400iw features a 1” soft dome tweeter and two 5¼” high compliance woofers with butyl rubber surrounds, with a 2-Way passive multi-element crossover, and an advanced computer-assisted tweeter level switch, which is used to ensure critical consistent voicing. Finished in architectural white, these award-winning loudspeakers can be color matched to accent or blend into any residential environment.

13. Don’t forget the Essentials!
Directed’s best-selling audio accessories line gets a full re-launch in 2003!

Vista, Calif. (CES) – Directed Audio Essentials are engineered to optimize the performance of [logos] a/d/s/, Precision Power, Orion, Viper and Directed Audio components, and recommended for use with all other brands of fine mobile audio products.

Introducing Directed Audio Essentials: more than 100 of the hottest new black chrome-accented audio accessories available! Directed Audio Essentials are designed to make any system look and sound like a champion! For bullet-proof power and signal connections to your audio components, check out this Essential new assortment. They’re Performance Matched for Maximum Impact!

14. PRICOL OEM and Branded Aftermarket Manufacturer in India Licenses Directed’s Patented Technologies 

Vista, Calif. (CES) -- Directed Electronics, Inc., the world’s largest aftermarket vehicle security and remote start company, as well as a leading car audio and mobile video manufacturer, today announced it has entered into an agreement with PRICOL (Premier Instruments and Controls, Ltd.), a market-leading Indian OEM and branded aftermarket automotive gauge manufacturer, which has gained a multi-year license to Directed’s patented intellectual property. PRICOL plans to use licensed Directed technologies to manufacture and market Directed-branded consumer electronics products in India.

“We are very excited by this opportunity to dramatically increase our influence in one of the world’s largest markets,” said Jim Minarik, Directed President and CEO. “The agreement with PRICOL leverages two of our company’s growth strategies: to expand our business internationally, and to license our huge portfolio of intellectual property. We look forward to a productive and profitable long term relationship with PRICOL.”


Roger Paeselt Named Director of Sales Administration

Vista, Calif. (CES) – Directed Electronics, the world’s largest aftermarket vehicle security and remote start company, with six established mobile audio and video brands, is proud to announce the following two promotions, effective immediately:

Bill Turner, formerly VP of Sales for Orion Car Audio, has been promoted to the position of National Sales Manager for Directed Electronics. Turner brings more than 20 years of Consumer Electronics Sales Management experience to this position along with extensive working knowledge of mobile electronics.

“Bill’s energetic, results-oriented attitude and style will integrate well into the demands of the National Sales Manager position,” said Jim Minarik, President and CEO of Directed.

Roger Paeselt, formerly VP of Sales for Directed’s Precision Power brand, has been appointed to the newly created position of Director of Sales Administration. Roger brings more than 15 years of sales management experience along with a major focus on process analysis and sales administration.

“Roger’s attention to detail and process efficiency perfectly complement this newly created position,” commented Minarik.

Both Turner and Paeselt report directly to Glenn Busse, Directed’s Senior VP of Sales, and have already stepped into their new positions. They will be permanently relocating with their families to Directed’s Southern California headquarters in 2003.

Directed Electronics manufactures such well-known security and remote start brands as Viper, Clifford, Python, Avital, Sidewinder and Valet. Directed is also a prominent manufacturer of car audio equipment with their Viper and Directed Audio lines, as well as a/d/s/, Precision Power (PPI) and Orion. The company also manufactures a full line of mobile entertainment products including LCD screens, DVDs, etc. Directed is registered in the ISO 9001 + QS 9000 international quality standards.

Directed Electronics is a portfolio company of Trivest, Inc., a private equity firm based in Miami, Florida. Since its founding in 1981, Trivest has sponsored more than 105 acquisitions and recapitalizations totaling more than $2 billion in value.

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