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MAIN : ALARM ACCESSORIES : ENHANCERS : 620 Electro-luminescent Blue Indicator Warning Light

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620 Electro-luminescent
Blue Indicator Light

Retails for $39.00

Special: $27.95

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Replacement Part Number: 620V/H/C/P/D

Product Details Stock #: 620V/H/C/P/D

620 Electro-luminescent Blue Indicator
Warning Light

Electro-luminescent technology for everyday uses. Extreme low current draw, and high visibility, bright blinking panel for security systems. 12 Volt. Price is per each.

Now there's 5 name Brands to choose from, including: Viper, Hornet, Clifford, Python
or Directed.

Electro-luminescent LED indicating your vehicle is protected by an Alarm system. This can be used with or without a full alarm system installed. It features only a 2 wire installation and has its own built-in transformer. This piece glows in an Aqua Blue color and flashes at approximately 1 flash per second at
a steady rate.

It can be hooked up two different ways. You may connect the black wire to the ignition of the vehicle and the red wire to constant 12V power to cause it to flash anytime the vehicle is off. Or simply change the connection so that the Black is hooked into your starter kill or ground when armed output on your alarm system . It draws an extremely low amount of power.

This 620 will fit and work with any vehicle. It will also work on any alarm system currently
on the market and can be installed without an alarm system at all. This piece is approximately 1 3/4" square and only 1/8" thick.

It has approximately 5 ft of wiring included and has a small transformer in line on the wiring . This will last much longer than Neon and can be seen from almost a mile away at night!

Note: When ordering, please specify a
 Brand: Viper, Hornet, Clifford, Python
or Directed

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