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MAIN : ALARM ACCESSORIES : ENHANCERS : 519H2 Two Way Garage Door/Channel Expander Receiver

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519H2 Two Way Garage Door
Channel Expander Receiver

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Replacement Part Number: 519H2

Product Details Stock #: 519H2

519H2 Two Way Garage Door
Channel Expander Receiver

6 Channel Code Hopping
Remote control system for existing
garage doors or gates. Has 5 200mA
(-) outputs and one built in relay for easy
connection to normally closed or normally
open circuits. Includes AC/DC adapter.

The New, up-dated 519H2 Two Way
Garage Door Channel Expander Receiver
uses a computer-based EPROM Learn
routine to assign individual functions to be controlled by the remote transmitter buttons.
(Remotes are Not Included!)
The system uses a rolling code, directed
548T receiver Antenna to provide improved
range and greater security.
Additionally, the receiver will store the programmed transmitter in non-volatile memory, so that if power is lost and then reconnected, the system can recall the transmitter codes from memory. Once initial programming is completed, no additional programming should be required.

Special features include:
Garage door venting, auto close after 60
minutes (great safety feature if you forget
to close your garage door!), two way confirm
on garage door closed, door open reminder.

The 519H2 Includes:
*Control Module
*Double row 14 pin harness
*A/C power adapter
*Program switch with attached harness
*548T transceiver 2 way antenna
*4-pin transceiver antenna cable
*2-pin closed loop sensor harness
*1-magnetic reed switch

Bitwriter Compatible for easy Programming.
Each of the 6 Channels can be programmed
for Pulse/Validity, Standard Latch, Latch
reset with Ignition, 30 Second Timed, Start/
Stop. (Requires Bitwriter version 2.4 or higher)

See the Complete 519H2 System Here

New up-dated 519H2 version includes
the Two Way
548T Antenna.

Please Note: This system is compatible
with the DEI Remote Series Shown Below:

474   Series* (548T Antenna is Included)
7641 Series (Requires the 6601T Antenna)
Series (Requires the 6701T Antenna)
Series (Requires the 546T Antenna)
  Series (548T Antenna is Included)
489  Series (548T Antenna is Included)

* The 548T series Antenna will work,
   although, the Two Way feature will
   not work!. Other Antennas compatible
   with the 474 Series are: 543T, 543X,
and 543R.

Please Note: Remotes are Not Included!

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