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519H 3 Channel Receiver

Retails for $1


This model has been
upgraded to

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Replacement Part Number: 519H

Product Details Stock #: 519H

519H 3 Channel Receiver

3 Channel SHF(2/66) Code Hopping
Remote control system for existing
garage doors or gates. Has two 200mA
(-) outputs and one built in relay for easy
connection to normally closed or normally
open circuits. Includes AC/DC adapter
and two 471T 434 MHz Remotes.

The New, up-dated 519H 3- Channel
Receiver uses a computer-based
EPROM Learn routine to assign
individual functions to be controlled
by the remote transmitter buttons.
The system uses a rolling code, Venom
XHF receiver to provide improved
range and greater security. The
receivers Learn Routine can also be
used to program up to twelve of
Directed's rolling code transmitters.
Additionally, the receiver will store
the programmed transmitter in non-
volatile memory, so that if power is
lost and then reconnected, the system
can recall the transmitter codes from
memory. Once initial programming is
completed, no additional programming
should be required.

Need Batteries for your old Remote?

New up-dated version includes the
new Venom XHF Antenna

Please Note: This system is compatible
with any DEI remote that has a flashing
green light and ends with FCC# EZSDEI
470, 471 474, 475 or 476. Also
compatible with the Clifford G4
transmitters, 3-button Cello, 4-button
OEM and Radar Master. Avital
transmitters: 2-button P/N 820021,
3-button P/N 820031 and 4-button
P/N 820041. Programming instruction
are included with this system!

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