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516L Vocalarm Recordable Voice

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Replacement Part Number: 516L

Product Details Stock #: 516L

516L Vocalarm Recordable Voice Add-on

516L Vocalarm 2 Tailor-made for Hot Import Nights, with preset and user-recordable messages in both English and Japanese!
First programmable voice module for remote start and other cool apps! With "Mr. Microphone" P.A. feature and three sensor inputs. Radical!

Notice: This unit only works with alarms that have separate sirens and will not work on the Hornet alarm models 718W, 719T and 720T.

You can hear most of the sounds with our "VIRTUAL ALARM DEMO"

Directed's new 516L Voice Module
has all the features consumers want,
plus some they didn't even know they
could have! It's a perfect add-on to
any ESP security or remote start system
from Viper, Python and Sidewinder,
plus Hornet or Valet remote starters
and the new Avital systems. It can
enhance the security of any install,
plus it adds a whole lot of fun!

First off, the sophisticated 516L has
a wide range of messages in English,
pre-recorded by a male voice, both
generic and Viper-specific, including
remote start messages (such as "Valet
now starting engine!") Hot Import Nights
aficionados, please take note:
same messages, both generic and Viper
specific, are also pre-recorded by a
female Japanese voice, and she sounds
great! Konichi-wa!

Then, to add to the excitement, the 516L
has a microphone and can be used as a
P.A. (Public Address) system! Plus, users
can record their own messages, up to
5 seconds in length, for the 9 available
message slots. And don't forget, adding
a 508D Invisibeam Field Disturbance
Sensor makes a voice module even more
fun, because the Warn Away message
can be triggered without touching
the vehicle!

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