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MAIN : ALARM ACCESSORIES : REMOTES : 465T : 465T DEI Replacement Remote History

The 465T Replacement remote is for older Viper, Hornet, Python, Sidewinder, Automate, Your Valet, Equalizer, Pro Guard, Steal Stopper alarms that used binary coding (Scratch coding the traces on the back of the circuit board). The alarm/keyless entry systems were pre-set from the factory which allowed over 5,000 different possible codes. Usually there is a white sticker on the inside remote that had, for example 1C4AD (single button) or 205BD (dual button) which is also on the main brain usually located under the drivers dash. First generation remotes where single buttons, then as more channels where created,  DEI produced a 2 button remote that allowed 2 to 3 additional channels to control features like power truck release. At one point back in 92/93, DEI even produced a case that allowed you to put your initials on the front of the Remote! These Remotes work on either 301.5 MHz or 302.0 MHz and are backwards compatible with single a 460T single button remotes.

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Product Details Stock #: 465T

465T Uncoded 2 Button Transmitter

Original replacement transmitter for the Binary systems. 302 MHz Non-Code Hopping. 2/12th codes.

Must be Programmed to match the alarm
system. Works on 302 MHz.

Keychain and Battery are included!

Look for a white sticker on the inside of an existing remote or the outside and/or inside
of the main alarm/keyless entry brain.

An Example would be: 209AD or 1AF2D,
This is your programming code.

Learn how to program this remote Here

DEI Replacement Remotes work with the following brands: Viper, Hornet, Python, Sidewinder, Boa,
Automate, Your Valet, Equalizer, Pro Guard, Steal Stopper, Merlin, Clifford, Avital and Wasp Alarms.

465T Uncoded 2 Button Transmitter

Retails for
Special: $32.95

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Replacement Part Number: 460, 465

Need Batteries for your old Remote?

Please Note: The replacement remote shown on this page may not look exactly
as your existing remote does, but is compatible with any DEI remote that has
a flashing red light and ends with a FCC# 460, 465, H5LAL777A or H5LAL757A.
Some older key fob transmitter remote
original cases may also have the following:
Des. 340,000
Programming instruction are included with this remote!

Not sure what type of remote you need? Click Here.

Download TX Code for faster
programming of this remote.

Or download TX Code and
select "Open" from the prompt.

If your computer requires the vb40032.dll
software in order to run TX Code, then
download this dll file and place in your
windows directory path under C:\windows\system and the program should run properly.

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