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MAIN : ALARM ACCESSORIES : XPRESSKIT : 1101T Universal Proximity Key Bypass

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1101T Universal Proximity
Key Bypass Override Kit

Retails for $89.99

Special: $57.95


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Replacement Part Number: 1101T

Product Details Stock #: 1101T

1101T Universal Proximity Key Bypass Override Kit

Working ignition key required for operation.
Universal Proximity Key Bypass is a remote start interface used to temporarily override Push to Start ignition systems when installing an aftermarket remote start.

Product Description:
Universal proximity key bypass module is a remote start interface used when installing a remote car starter in a vehicle equipped with a hands free proximity RFID engine immobilizer system. This type of system detects the
proximity of the factory remote control and allows engine start up by pushing a button on a dash. Push-to-Start and Smart Key are common terms used to describe this type of proximity ignition system. This unique RFID is detected by a receiver antenna in the vehicle which then sends the ID information to the factory immobilizer for authentication.
Once an authorized ID signal is received, the immobilizer system will enable the ignition and/or fuel management system. If an attempt is made to start the vehicle and the transceiver does not receive a valid code, the ignition
and sometimes the fuel systems are disabled. The immobilizer system effectively prevents remote start up. 1101T provides power to the key and introduces the FOB’s authorized RFID only while the Remote Start system is
activated. When the Remote Start system is not in use the integrity of the factory immobilizer system is maintained and is fully functional.

Product Features:
• Built-in Coin Cell Battery Adapter (replaces
   the coin cell battery in the prox key)
• Simple to install - No soldering or hardwiring
   to FOB circuit board
• Compatible with any “Push to Start” Smart
   key ignition system
• Compatible with any remote car starter
• Simple installation
• No programming required
• Installer friendly jumper feature easily matches
   insert battery voltage to the FOB battery.

• Requires use of vehicle proximity remote TX.

Find out if your Vehicle needs a
Transponder/Databus kit Here

 • Weight: 0.3lbs (0.14kgs)
 • Dimensions: 95 x 32 x 70 mm (L x W x H)
 • 6 Pin connector
 • Wire to Wire (W2W)

 • Vehicle Interface Kit module
 • 6 Pin harness
 • Installation Guide

 • RF Transponder Bypass (key required)
 • W2W connection

 What’s included?
 • 1101T Universal Proximity Key Bypass
 • Coin Cell Battery Power Adapter
 • Wire Harness
 • Install Guide
 • Installation Guide

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